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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Prepper Talk Radio

I love writing!  I wish I had more time to publish more to this blog.  Full time work and full time family make that difficult.  In addition to this blog I am a co-host, along with the founder of the preparedness and survival expo PrepperCon, Scott Stallings, of a weekly live broadcast radio show. 

I publish most of our weekly live broadcasts as podcasts.  You can listen to our podcasts on many of your favorite apps including spreaker, iTunes, iHeart, Spotify, Podbean, YouTube, etc.  We have published 150+ episodes of our live broadcasts back to when we started in 2015.  We continue to get good feedback from our listeners and sincerely hope that you enjoy our conversations as well. 

You can also listen to our podcasts on our own website  http://preppertalkradio.com/listen/

You can also listen live with the K-Talk Radio app or online at www.ktalkmedia.com  We broadcast live on Fridays at 2PM MST.  That's 1640 AM in Salt Lake City, Utah.   You can listen live on the "Tune In" radio app.

I am on Facebook as "Prepper Talk Radio" and "Prepared Guy".

Thanks for listening.

The purpose of this site is to provide you with information about what I have learned, my experience, and what my motivations are as a Prepared Guy. I have always felt driven to be ready for any situation by something powerful deep inside me. Being prepared has always served me well. I feel compelled to help others do the same.
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