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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Do you see what I see?

I am always looking for indicators and signs of what will happen next, of what is coming in our future.  Admittedly it is very confusing when trying to listen to a lot of the different commentators, as many say very different things.  Yes, even the ones who I feel have a similar outlook for the future can be quite varied in their views of the future.  Predicting the future is risky to a reputation thus many do not even attempt it.    

We recently saw the fastest gain of 1,000 points in the DOW ever.  It only took 12 days!  Many of the commentators I listen to regularly are calling this phase of an economy a "melt-up" or a "crack-up boom".  I don't doubt that is exactly what is happening.  It is where inflation is showing up the most.  The tremendous amount of currency printing that has been done over the past decade has been moving into equities, bonds, real estate, and crypto-currencies.  It is also showing up in consumer products but not to the same extent. 

So, what happens next?   Take a look at this chart comparing the DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average) with the IBVC (Venezula Stock Market).  Since the beginning of 2017 the DOW has increased by over 8,000 points.  To you, where does it look like it's going next?  

Just like the IBVC went up like a hockey stick because of their currency printing and corruption so will the US stock market.  I predict that within the next few months we will see the DJIA rise 1,000 points in a single day!  I think it is likely that in the coming months it will follow a similar track as the Venezuela market hitting 35-40,000 points before this year is over.  Either that, or the crash I am also expecting will occur.

Similar economic conditions to that which exist in Venezuela right now, that coincided with the rise of their equity markets, will take place in our own cities as well.  

Don't worry though.  Our government will come to our rescue with a crypto-currency of their own, along with the same bondage that selling your soul to the devil brings.  I believe that very crypto-currency is currently in the works right now and it will be launched during the next financial crisis as a temporary solution until the economy can stabilize.  Only, as with all other government programs, it will become a permanent fixture.

There is only one way to protect yourself from this coming catastrophe.  You must own physical assets!  Personal property that has no counter party risk.  Pay off your real estate loans and other debts.  Own the inventory you sell at your store.  Trade in your fiat currency (dollars) for real money; which is silver and gold and keep it in your possession.  Buy food storage, ammo, guns, tools, survival gear, put solar on and perform needed maintenance to your home and do everything you can that will help you to become more self-sufficient/reliant.  If you can achieve this you will be able to not only survive but also thrive during the coming collapse of the financial system and society.             


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