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Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Next to air, shelter is our top survival requirement.  The survival rules of three tell us that we can only survive about three minutes without air, three hours without shelter (in harsh conditions), three days without water, and three weeks without food.

Many different things can be considered shelter.  The right clothing, a good jacket, a campfire, the branches of a tree, your home, or any number of places that provide protection from the elements and a level of safety.

I think many people consider a shelter something that is built from sticks and branches and maybe a tarp.  This is true if you find yourself in the wilderness without, well, anything.  Who does that unless it's on purpose?  Think about it.  If you're learning bushcraft or survival, and you go into the mountains, it is to practice your craft or for the enjoyment of it.  So, you either go prepared and take a tent with you or you plan on building a shelter.  If it is not either one of these situations then you probably know nothing about the survival rules of three.

The vast majority of us find ourselves in urban and suburban areas most of the time.  Shelter is quite abundant there.  There will always be a hotel room to rent or a door to knock on where you can find good people and temporary shelter if you find yourself in unfavorable circumstances.

The circumstance that I believe we don't consider often enough, or properly plan for is one that has taken this nation quite literally by storm.  I'm talking about hurricanes and fire storms as of lately, but this would also include earthquakes, tornadoes, as well as other natural or man made disasters.  When the place where you live permanently is either completely destroyed or so heavily damaged it is not livable where will you go?

Do you have a family member that could take you and your family in long term?  What other options do you have?  I asking seriously.  You don't know?  Well, that is why I am sitting here writing; to get you thinking. making plans and preparations.  This is something that I think about regularly myself.

First, a few things that I know for sure is that you should not rely on the government or go to a FEMA camp.  Make plans ahead of time so that you are not left with any other option.   

What other options are there you ask?  Well, there are plenty.  Let me highlight a few more in addition to what I have already mentioned.

Travel/camping trailer.  Get out quick and take your emergency shelter with you.   Whether you go camping regularly enough to necessitate a trailer is besides the point.  If you have concerns about a potential disaster where you live a trailer could be an inexpensive and excellent insurance policy that will provide a safe place for your family wherever you may have to go.  Having a simple enclosed trailer would allow you to carry much more than just your vehicles can alone and provide a place to sleep, prepare food, and take care of daily needs in relative privacy and security.

Cabin or dome tent.  These are typically very sturdy four season tents.  They are very heavy and will need to be carried in a vehicle or trailer.  You'll need to have cots or sleeping pads to get you off the ground and other niceties such as chairs and tables but they are much nicer and more usable for daily living than a standard backpacking tent. 

Shipping container.  These are being transformed into living spaces all over the world.  Yes, you'll need to have somewhere to put it but with some planning and effort it could become not only an emergency shelter but also a weekend getaway.  Maybe you know someone who lives in a rural setting who would allow you to place a container on their property and stock it up with supplies.  Just wanna get you thinking.

Shed or Tiny Home.   These can be very inexpensive buildings.  Start with the structure then add insulation, walls, lights, and other conveniences as you are able.  Having a basic structure in place will provide you with the minimal amount of shelter you'd need in an emergency.

Van, box truck, motorhome, or bus.  Yes, the property where you place this old, cheap, and possibly not running, vehicle will lose value, and you'll probably receive the ire of your neighbors but you should be able to purchase one of these vehicles for really cheap.  Even an old cheapo camping trailer would fit into this classification.  As long as the roof doesn't leak leave it at your bug out location for an inexpensive but effective shelter. 

Hexayurt.  A what you say?  A hexayurt is a very inexpensive, strong yet simple shelter that most anyone can build.  Plans and drawings are public domain. 

What other non conventional shelter ideas do you have?

Monday, October 23, 2017

Hang in there.

It's quite depressing isn't it!? Watching the stock market hit all time high after all time high at the same time bitcoin and other crypto currencies prices go through the roof.  All this while gold and silver excitedly move higher but then depressingly drop back down again.  Makes you wanna sell all your physical precious metals and sink everything into paper or digital assets.  Right?  Do your friends, neighbors, and/or co-workers tell you how much money they are making from their "investments"?  Do you feel like you are missing out?  I hope not.

It can be discouraging to watch as gold and silver prices go nowhere, while the world is in turmoil and crisis mode, when they should be going up.  That is unless you have a firm understanding of the truth of real money and real wealth.

Gold and Silver are real, honest money.  Individual rare elements created by God dug out of the earth, smelted, and refined by hard working men for the purpose of trade and barter.  Cryptos, stock, bonds, and anything else created by dishonest men to get rich, that you can not physically hold, are an illusion of wealth and the opposite of real, honest money.  A bet and a gamble is all they are.  Speculation and greed is what they represent.  As for fiat currencies even though you can hold them in your wallet they are actually a debt note due back to the maker with interest attached, created quite literally out of thin air.

Hang in there is my enthusiastic request!  Hear me now and believe what I am about to say!  Those of us who have the "curse" of knowledge and absolutely can not and will not participate in the over valued, manipulated, and fake "equity" markets ("Equity"?! Ha! What a joke!) WILL soon be greatly rewarded for obeying the law.  Obedience to eternal laws and commandments will always produce the blessings attached to them.  Those whom stick to their moral standards, whom refuse to participate in dishonesty and deceit, will reap the rewards and blessings that accompany obedience of that law.  God commands us to be honest and will bless us when we are obedient.  "Thou shalt not bear false witness..." applies to all aspects of honesty and there are many other scriptures that tell us lying is wrong.

What this means I don't exactly know but here is what I believe it means and what I believe the eventual results will be.

Gold and silver will continue to be suppressed, manipulated, and controlled for a little longer.  This will continue to weed out the weak hands, the ones who do not understand, while only those who are strong with understanding and determination will hang in there.  Unfortunately it will go on until it no longer can.  Through various situations that are currently in motion, including the East backing their transactions with gold, cash being used less and less until it will be eliminated completely, the world being on the brink of war and social chaos, and many, many other factors, control of the paper gold and silver markets will be lost and the true value of gold and silver will be manifest.

I anticipate that gold and silver will be revalued overnight from right about where they are now; about $17 silver and $1,300 gold, to what some would consider "insane" levels.  But this will just be the beginning.  It's about cause and effect; the relationship between actions and their generally unintended effects.  As long and as hard as gold and silver prices have been suppressed, as excessively overvalued the stock market is, as insane the levels of debt the world is bound with, the equal and opposite reaction will take place with all markets including gold and silver when the system breaks.

Hang in there you silver and gold stackers!  The ride will be worth it and you will be rewarded for your honesty!

PM me on Facebook, or send me an email, if you would like to know where I feel the initial price of gold and silver will start when it takes off.  Of course this is just my opinion and not intended as any kind of financial advice.  I do not sell gold nor silver and only intend to benefit from my own savings.   

Friday, October 20, 2017

Paradigm Shift

a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions.

:  an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way 

I pulled these two definitions from the internet.  What do they have to do with prepping?

One of the topics that is talked about a lot when it comes to prepping is "mindset".  Mindset describes your mental attitude in a given situation.  At times it assumes a rapid shift from viewing something one way and then shifting quickly to another when the needs arises.  Or, that as you enter into a situation your perception of and reaction to particular events is or will be different than the norm.

How long have you been prepping? What lessons have you learned in your life that have taught you that you should be building up your food storage, saving for the future, paying off debt?  Do you live in the city but now do you wish you could move away to a rural community?  Is this mindset or is it something more?

When you see someone in a really nice expensive car what do you think about?  Do you say to yourself; "Wow!  That's a nice car!  What I wouldn't do to have one!"  Maybe you think "I'd love to have a car like that, but I've got so much to do first it's just not that important."  Or do you think "I really feel sorry for that guy/gal!  They really don't get it."  When you know the truth there is no way you'd ever consider going into debt for a car, or for anything for that matter.  Or spending money on something that truly has no worth.  This is just a simple example that I think most everyone who would end up reading this blog can understand and relate with.  This represents a paradigm shift.  It is much more than just mindset.

Having the right mindset in a given situation is essential.  But experiencing an entirely different way of thinking, along with the underlying desires and actions is life changing.  It is!  If you truly understand the awful condition of our society, financial system, government, etc. and you attempt to socialize with people that you know do not even care to understand, it can be almost unbearable. When you correctly understand what debt is, why everyone is in debt, and why the banks want to keep getting us into debt then you will do anything to avoid it.  To understand what debt is you have to know what currency and money are, and their history.  When you comprehend the value of real money you'll understand the true worth of your labor.  When you recognize all this then you just may realize what wealth really is.  This knowledge will shape your way of thinking, the way you act and what you do.  Boom, paradigm shift.  

I'll admit it.  Ignorance is bliss, sometimes.  Actually most of the time for the past 100+ years it has been.  Why do you think the Fed and the US Govt. are allowed to lie to us and feed us propaganda? So that they can continue to perpetuate the system.  If we are told that nothing is wrong, and we believe it, then we will continue to act that way.  This is one of the major reasons why our financial systems has not collapsed yet.  However, ignorance will be our downfall when the SHTF.

There are many other examples that could be cited but my point is that prepping is much more than just acquiring some supplies for a rainy day.  It is an entirely new way of looking at the our situation and the condition of the world.

I'm sure that the people who listen to our weekly broadcast are tired of hearing me say this but I'll say it once again; to prepare for the future we must look to the past.  Change your way of thinking and the way you live now so that when the rest of the world is compelled to change you'll already be there.  

The purpose of this site is to provide you with information about what I have learned, my experience, and what my motivations are as a Prepared Guy. I have always felt driven to be ready for any situation by something powerful deep inside me. Being prepared has always served me well. I feel compelled to help others do the same.
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