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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Portable solar charging; always be prepared.

With all of the high tech devices we rely on every day we can become inconvenienced when they run out of power.  While being able to charge a device is relatively convenient from our vehicles or even from charging stations made available at airports and other public places, do not dismiss the need for alternative charging methods.

When I leave the house I make sure that all of the devices I count daily on are fully charged.  I also have different ways to charge them while I'm away including a power pack and vehicle charging cables.  Because communication is a critical part of my work I try to be as prepared as possible.  In addition to work, my family counts on me as well.  Communicating with them is not only important, it can be critical, and is much more important that just doing my job.         

There are many different brands of solar chargers like this one that are made specifically for the very purpose of charging USB devices.  This particular portable solar panel has two USB outlets for charging anything USB compatible such as your smart phone or tablet.

My EDC flashlight is also charged with a USB cable.  I also carry a portable battery pack which serves to charge my devices when I'm away from a power source.  Any of these devices can be charged with this portable solar panel.

The primary reason that most people would picture themselves using this type of solar panel to charge their phone is when they are hiking or camping in a remote location but still want the conveniences of electricity for lighting around camp, charging a GPS or flashlight batteries for example.        

The secondary reason that I would use a portable solar panel is in case of an emergency, when grid power has been cut off to me.  Being able to charge batteries for flashlights or radios for communication and information is essential.

Another way that I can use a small portable solar panel is on the dash of my vehicle while I'm away to charge a device.  I leave the panel on the dash or otherwise on a seat in the direct sunlight.  It will continue to charge my devices without having to run the vehicle.  Even if you're in your vehicle you can save gas by turning off the vehicle if all you have to do is charge a phone.  And if you really need to be mobile you can attach the panel to a pack or put it over your shoulder and still keep charging.

If you're at a park, sporting event or otherwise away from an outlet you'll be virtually guaranteed to always be able to power your devices.  Now, obviously the solar panel needs to be placed in direct sunlight for full power output but even in overcast conditions this panel is putting out enough juice to light up the output LED and run a very small charge to my phone.  Any little bit can help in many cases.

This particular panel was provided to me by Archeer.  I was not previously familiar with their products but I find that the quality and performance has been just as good as any of my other portable solar panels, which include some of the big brand names.  At the price that I have seen this one online the value appears to be superior to the other ones I own.

The bottom line is that you can not be adequately prepared for all situations if you don't have a portable solar panel like this one, whether smaller or larger.  This Archeer solar charger has found a permanent home in the PrepperCon 4Runner Evader.  I have been using it over the past few months and am quite pleased with it so far.  This is one of those devices that you didn't know you really needed until you have it.  My standard is and has always been to have the right tools BEFORE you need them.  Because when you need them it may already be too late.


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