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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Prepper Talk Radio Episode 60, 11 23 16 Quality of life and balance in prepping.

One of the most difficult things that I have had to confront during 2016 is the balance in my life between being an intensely focused prepper and being what others may consider to be a 'normal' well adjusted human being.  I'd love to shout from the roof tops about the difficult times that are coming but I'm quite sure that wouldn't do much good.  So I've got to go about it in subtle ways.  I also have to 'fit in' and 'do my job' and 'live my life' so that the doom and gloom that I so often see doesn't affect my family life or work negatively.  But also be focused on watching for signs and analyzing the news and the current events so I can see what is coming our way as far off as possible.  I can't just close my eyes now and pretend that everything is as it should be.  So how is it that I can go day to day with a big smile on my face with the knowledge that the worlds financial system could collapse when I wake up next Monday morning.  I think that is something that each of us has to work out and make amends with regularly.


We also discussed how difficult it can be to balance your preps.  What I mean by that is not have too much of X when you only have so much of Y.  Too much of one thing and not nearly enough of another.  Those of us with limited budgets have to weight our purchases heavily.  Do we pay off debt, save cash, buy silver or store up more ammo?  My answer to you on these subjects is just to keep deliberating and make the decisions as you are able.  Don't decide too far in advance.  Your priorities may change as your knowledge and understanding of your particular situation changes.

I put a picture of a hover/balance board on here on purpose.  If you have had a chance to ride one of these things you know that it is a little difficult at first to gain your balance and control of the board.  But once you do you're off to the races, and it is a lot of fun.  I think that if you take this approach and attitude to your preps and life that not only will you find more enjoyment in trying to figure it all out but you'll realize that the struggle of all this can be fun.  You'll then try to do more difficult maneuvers with it and see how fast you can go without seriously hurting yourself.  The same goes with prepping.  Just go for it.  Jump in and you'll figure it out as you go.  


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