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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Do you see what I see?

I'm sincerely hoping that others of you with your eyes open have been feeling the same way I have about this flood of technology companies to the industry.  They start out with an idea to make some process easier or better yet they still only exist as something that is not tangible.  Their properties are leased or mortgaged and debt fuels their daily operations.

Apps, apps, and more apps!  Software too. Internet based.  Download only.  You can't even get discs anymore for most software.  Does it bother anyone that Uber is valued at over $60B?!  None of this makes much sense to me.  I admit, I avoid using many apps, in general.  I will concede that there are many apps that do have significant value to me.  Apps that make communication easier and put access to information at your fingertips.  Music, networking, entertainment, cloud storage, calendars, planning, and oh so much more.  Does it make any sense to you that there are over 200 so called hi-tech companies that have Billion dollar valuations and many are not even making enough money to cover their own expenses, like Tesla for example.  Many of them are still considered start ups that are burning through billions of dollars in financing to develop and promote their products.  A product that really isn't a product.  Nothing is manufactured or tangible.

Realize this: We were able to do just fine without them before, but when they go away will we will still do just fine?  Not likely.  Although most apps and software can make life more convenient and profitable financially they also make life more complicated, fragile, and costly in many ways that are not so apparent to the current generation. 

Now that I have read this article, with the link below, about how this current high tech bubble we are in seems to be bursting, collapsing, deflating; the thoughts that make me feel uneasy now make more sense.  These thought keeps weighing heavily upon me, "like a splinter in my mind", even thought pretty much everyone around me is taking advantage of and putting their trust so heavily upon technology.  I realize that I am probably "missing out", but just like my refusal to invest in anything that I can't hold in my hand such as betting on the stock market, my subconscious (I guess), as well as my conscious mind refuses to reach out and adopt much of this technology.  Many will say to my detriment.  I just don't get how so much confidence can be place in something that really only exists digitally.

All bubbles eventually pop.  ALL of them.  Where will you be, or more accurately stated; how heavily will you be invested in them both financially as well as in your daily habits when this one does? For your sake, I hope not much at all.  


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