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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Survival Wisduhm # 20 - The Handgun

What is the #1 prepper firearm and the first one you should own?  This has been debated since the beginning of time.  Well, almost.  Is it a Ruger 10/22 with a supressor?  An AR-15 or 12 gauge Remington 870?  Nope!

The right answer really isn't that difficult.  The best firearm that you can own is the firearm that you can always have with you, whether on your person or in a bag or purse over your shoulder.  If you can always have a rifle slung over your shoulder I envy you.  Most of us can't, for lots of reason.  The one firearm that you can always have with you is a handgun.  The argument of which caliber is ultimately unimportant.  .22 Magnum, .380, 9, .40, .45, 38, .357... Whatever.  Own a handgun first because you can always carry it with you.

Carry the biggest gun you feasibly can.  Choose one that fits your hand well.  If that means a Ruger LCP in .380, good on ya.  If you can manage a full size 1911 in .45 ACP, great.  For me, a subcompact in 9 mm is the right choice.  How bout you?

Also, keep in mind that the secondary purpose of a handgun is so you that can fight your way to your rifle.

Another reason why I say to start with a handgun is because a handgun is much more difficult to master than a rifle.  The short barrel requires you to be accurate and its competent and safe use necessitates lots of practice.  Once you are good with a pistol using a rifle seems easy.


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