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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Prepper Talk Radio Episode 54, 10 12 16 Worse or Better?

This week my guest was Jon Roberts of Survival Medical.  My big question to him was: "Are things better or worse?"

They must be better because of all of the technological advancements that been made and the dramatic increase in knowledge.  Or are they?

Is our easy on demand way of life a better way to live than how our grandparents or great grandparents lived? Or is it worse?

I could ask this question about most every aspect of our lives and probably get a different answer from everybody I asked.  Are things actually better now or are they worse?  As one who attempts to prepare for as many disastrous events as possible has preparing become easier or more complex?  I can see things failing all around me.  Are things worse because they are more fragile?  Did our ancestors have things better because they worked with their hands instead of sitting at desks all day?  How many of us say to ourselves that we wished for a more simple life?  Are things getting worse or better or are they just different?

www.survival-medical.com   The only first aid kits designed for long term storage.



Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The 4Runner Evader Build

The 4Runner Evader is our build project for PrepperCon and Prepper Talk Radio, formerly PrepperCon radio.  The purpose of the build is to demonstrate that most any everyday suv, truck, Jeep, etc. can be utilized as a bug out vehicle.  There is not always a need to acquire a surplus military or carburated vehicle or for that purpose.  With some relatively simple modifications your mostly stock daily driver can become much more capable off road with better handling and increase its load capacity at the same time.  

The PrepperCon 4 Runner Evader is also one of our mobile billboards as I frequently drive along Utah's Wasatch Front, and occasionally into some of the smaller rural towns that I love so much!

It can be difficult to justify a second, or third, vehicle that just sits around waiting for the end of the world as we know it.  That is why I have one vehicle that serves multiple purposes.  The vehicle that I drive everyday is a 2005 Toyota 4 Runner V8.  The reason I choose the 4 Runner is because of Toyota's legendary reliability and quality as well as off road capability.  It's pretty cool looking too!  I have owned other Toyota's and have loved them as well.  

We are calling this rig the "Evader" because we intend to use this vehicle not only for when the time comes to bug-out but also for community response.  One of the most important and possibly overlooked essential qualities a bug-out vehicle should have is the ability to travel quickly and quietly, even over rough terrain, even with a heavy load, in order to avoid and evade gangs, looters and marauders who would want to take the supplies we will be carrying.  

When traveling through a dangerous place the best case scenario is to be so quiet and quick that we are already out of harms way before we are even noticed.

The Toyota 4 Runner suspension utilizes an independent suspension up front and a solid axle in the rear.  The independent front suspension is ideal for bumpy roads, as each wheel moves up and down independent of the other.  This allows for a more comfortable ride than a solid axle and provides for better control at higher speeds.  The solid rear axle provides more articulation than the independent front suspension.  This helps to keep the tires on the ground when going over larger obstacles at low speeds.  So, the 4 Runner is a great all around performer both on the wide open desert roads as well as mountain roads that may require climbing over obstacles like large rocks.  Or even urban/suburban environments that may necessitate crossing over fallen telephone poles or other debris.

The 4 Runner also uses traction control to keep the wheels from spinning and losing traction.  This 4 Runner is the V8 model.  This traction control utilizes the breaking system to transfer power away from the spinning wheel.  This is a reliable system that minimizes the chances of breakage.  The increased horsepower and torque of the V8 allows for towing of heavier loads as well as better acceleration when loaded up than the V6 engine.  Because the exhaust remains in stock configuration it is very quiet.  

In order to increase the 4 Runners capabilities we have outfitted it with a premium suspension system.  ICON Vehicle Dynamics custom builds systems for specific vehicles.  We chose the Stage 5 system.  This system includes much larger diameter shocks than the stock size.  The shocks we choose also have external reservoirs that hold additional oil that circulates through the shock.  This helps to keep the shock cool and allows it to work properly even over extended periods of time traveling over rough surfaces.

The front shocks are what are known as "coilovers".  The shock body and the springs are combined something like a strut.  These coilover springs have increased load capacity as well as increased travel length and are adjustable to provide up to 3" of lift.  The stage 5 kit also includes replacement upper control arms for the front independent suspension which are stronger than the stock arms and allow for more up and down travel.
 The rear springs were replaced with dual rate 3" lift springs.  The dual rate gives a softer normal ride but as they compress become stiffer to handle heavy loads or more aggressive driving.  The rear shocks are also replaced with large diameter (2.5") shock with reservoirs like the front.  We also replaced the stock rubber bump stops with hydraulic bump stops.  This upgrade provides for a softer landing in the case of bottoming out which will help to keep the vehicle under control and prevent damage.          

Perhaps the biggest single advantage that this suspension gives the Evader is the ability to absorb large bumps at high speeds that would otherwise damage a stock vehicle.  There's no need to even slow down for speed bumps, deep cross gutters or railroad crossing.  I thoroughly enjoy taking people for rides and watch them as they curl up and prepare for the impact of a large bump they would typically slow down to a crawl for.  And then experience their surprise and wonder at how soft and smooth it actually was.  This stiffer suspension also allows the 4 Runner to handle maneuvers on pavement much better than the soft stock suspension and gives it a very "sporty" feel.

Now, don't think that this, or any other similar suspension system is going to turn your rig into a Trophy Truck.  Maybe you've seen the YouTube clip where the Ford Raptor owner launches his truck off a jump only to crater it on the other side, deploying the air bags, flattening the tires and tweaking the frame and body of the entire truck.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKQdlXvbWSU  Don't do this!

Check out this video I threw together from one afternoon in the desert.  More videos to come.  Subscribe to the PrepperCon TV YouTube channel and the Prepper Talk Radio YouTube channel to be notified when new videos are uploaded.

As you can see by the decal on the front quarter panel of the 4Runner the build was done by Low Range Off Road.  They are located in my area and are authorized dealers of the ICON Vehicle Dynamics systems.  They will have the build video uploaded to their YouTube channel in the near future.

You don't have to install the Stage 5 kit to dramatically increase your vehicles abilities.  Simply installing the Stage 1 kit will make a tremendous difference.  Then you could add more components from there if you feel the need.  The Stage 1 kit includes the front coilovers, rear 2.0 shocks, 2" lift springs and sway bar drop brackets.

I have also installed a Warn M8000 winch in a multimount using a hidden receiver made by CBI off road in Idaho,  A Power Tank is mounted in the back for airing up tires and Rocky-Road Super Sliders replaced the running boards.  Future upgrades will include a Rhino Rack roof rack, RotoPax gas and water containers and much more. 

I am very particular about tires.  The BFG AT has been my go-to tire for over a decade.  These new AT KO2 tires are fantastic!  They are one of the few street legal tires with a 3 ply sidewall.  The new design and tread pattern looks awesome too.  They are the best all around tire for me.  I spend a lot of time on the freeway so I need a tire that is relatively quiet but also one that is really tough.  

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Survival Wisduhm # 20 - The Handgun

What is the #1 prepper firearm and the first one you should own?  This has been debated since the beginning of time.  Well, almost.  Is it a Ruger 10/22 with a supressor?  An AR-15 or 12 gauge Remington 870?  Nope!

The right answer really isn't that difficult.  The best firearm that you can own is the firearm that you can always have with you, whether on your person or in a bag or purse over your shoulder.  If you can always have a rifle slung over your shoulder I envy you.  Most of us can't, for lots of reason.  The one firearm that you can always have with you is a handgun.  The argument of which caliber is ultimately unimportant.  .22 Magnum, .380, 9, .40, .45, 38, .357... Whatever.  Own a handgun first because you can always carry it with you.

Carry the biggest gun you feasibly can.  Choose one that fits your hand well.  If that means a Ruger LCP in .380, good on ya.  If you can manage a full size 1911 in .45 ACP, great.  For me, a subcompact in 9 mm is the right choice.  How bout you?

Also, keep in mind that the secondary purpose of a handgun is so you that can fight your way to your rifle.

Another reason why I say to start with a handgun is because a handgun is much more difficult to master than a rifle.  The short barrel requires you to be accurate and its competent and safe use necessitates lots of practice.  Once you are good with a pistol using a rifle seems easy.

Prepper Talk Radio Episode 53, 10 05 16 The What, How, and Why of Prepping.

Yes, I'm a proponent of the Oxford comma.  I'm also a subscriber to Simon Sineks "Start with why."

This method of problem solving has been around for a long time.  Simon is the most recent individual to remind us of it and how we can apply it.

Start with why.  Aim for the bulls eye.  If you hit anywhere in the outer two circles you're still on target and making progress.  If you're practicing combat accuracy shooting, hits in the two outer circles are likely gonna get the job done.  However, when you have a dilemma of what to do next or how to determine your priorities what is your process to make good decisions?  Aim for the bullseye.

Notice that I said 'good' decisions and not the best decisions.  Making the best decisions can be done but don't feel bad when you don't always make them.  Aiming for the 'Why' will help you to make the best decisions, but if not, if you follow this model, then you'll still make a good decision.

Start with why.  Why do you prep?  Use this question to help you to determine the How and the What.  When you start with why you can then create focus to narrow the concentration of your time and resources to the How.  This will then help you to determine What matters most, which then becomes your highest priority.

How do you prep?  Gain knowledge and skills.  Prepare your mind.  Prepare you home.  Prepare your family.  Learn, then teach.

What do you prep?  What is it that you need to be prepared?  The right answer is; a lot of 'stuff'.  It would be illogical to just go out and buy stuff before you know what you really need it for first.  How many times have you purchased something and then over time and with some research and learning you discover that what you bought is not at all what you needed?  This is exactly what I am talking about.  If before you make a decision you first determine what your purpose is, then increase your knowledge on that subject, give it some trial and error, some training, some practice.  You'll then be much more likely to make a good choice and what it is that you need in order to become prepared

Food is an easy one.  You already know why you need it.  Buy what you know that you already like and fill your cupboards with it.  The long term food storage can be more difficult to decide.  I've spent hours and days researching freeze dried food.  I've tried lots of it and thought a lot about why we might need some as part of our long term food storage.  What I have determined is that I prefer, over an extended period of time, to eat the basic staples like rice, bread, oats, beans, etc. than to eat fettuccine alfredo night after night.  But I have also determined that there is a need for meals that are tasty and quick and easy to prepare.  This allowed me to determine exactly how much of each we should have in our food storage.  The "Why" was easy, the "How" and the "What" were more difficult to determine.  I wasn't about to just pick a freeze dried food dealer and just buy a bunch of their brand without trying it and researching it.  We may very well have determined that our family didn't like the taste of much of their food.  Then we'd most likely be stuck with it.

Figure out the WHY, lean about the HOW and the WHAT will more easily fall into place.

The what is a tremendously huge undertaking.  When you have determined the why and the how first it makes it much easier to select the stuff you need to accomplish the how and why.

Some people that I have know have chosen not to include firearms and ammo as part of their preps or they have chosen to have very minimal of these tools.  To me this is insanity.  This is because my why is much different than theirs.  Perhaps it also has been influenced by the how; the time I have put into building my knowledge on the subject.  

I think many of us, including myself, first focus on the what.  What stuff do I need so that I can be prepared?  This is not a terrible way to start.

"I need food and water storage."  Why?  Because I don't want to needlessly suffer and die from hunger and thirst.

I need a way to defend myself and my supplies."  Why? Because I don't want to needlessly suffer and die.  Because I don't believe that anyone has the right to take away what I have worked hard to acquire.  Because I will not allow my God given rights and freedoms, or those of my family, to be trampled.  Those can be some powerful motivations to become prepared.

How will you store up food?  I''ll buy canned and freeze dried foods as well as wheat, rice and beans in bulk.  Why?  Because the power may go out and the food in my fridge and freezer will quickly spoil.  Because during an emergency I may not be able to get what I need at a store.

How will you defend yourself and your preps?  I'll buy a 12 gauge Remington 870 pump shotgun?  Why?  Because I have learned that shotguns are very effective defensive weapons and the Remington 870 is a dependable and respected for home defense, and I feel more competent with a shotgun than with a pistol.  These are just examples.

So, why are you reading this blog?  

Listen to our weekly live broadcast on AM 630 K-Talk in SLC, UT each Wednesday at 9AM MST.



Sunday, October 2, 2016

Prepper Talk Radio Episode 52, 09 28 16 Fall and Winter Prep

Our third of three episodes in which we discuss fall and winter preparations, including how to stay warm in the winter during a power outage.

We have also reached our one year mark with our 52nd live broadcast of Prepper Talk Radio.  We hope you're listening in.

Are you storing fuels for both cooking and heating in an emergency?  

You can listen to Prepper Talk Radio on www.ktalkmedia.com or download the K-Talk Radio app and listen on your mobile device.

Prepper Talk Radio Episode 51, 09 21 16 - Fall Garden Prep with Beuna To...

Beuna Tomalino of www.gardeninspire.com joins us again as our guest on Prepper Talk Radio this episode.  She teaches us about what we should be doing in fall in order to prepared our gardens for winter and the coming spring. 

Beuna has some excellent books about wild edible plants as well as herbs and edible landscapes.  She also teaches classes.

Prepper Talk Radio Episode 50, 08 14 16 Fall Preparedness

Part one of three episodes which we talk about fall and winter preparedness.

What do you carry in your vehicle in case you become stranded and stuck in the snow that will help you to survive cold night?  Do you carry additional clothes, blankets, boots, snowshoes?  How will you signal that you are in need of help?  How will you obtain water to drink when it's frozen?

These are some things to think of and plan for, especially in winter and especially if you are traveling to a remote area.

Prepper Talk Radio Episode 49, 09 07 16 First Aid with Survival Medical

Who better to talk first aid with than with Jon Roberts of Survival Medical.  Check out their products at survival-medical.com.  The only first aid kits tougher than nature.  Up to 20 year shelf life!

All Survival Medical first aid kits are packaged in mylar bags and are made up of hospital grade supplies.  Not only is Survival Medical one of our sponsors of Prepper Talk Radio and PrepperCon but we are totally in love with their products and buy and use them ourselves.  

The ALPHA BUCKET  is our “kitchen sink” preparedness kit. It is the goal of Survival Medical to provide your family with the highest quality medical supplies possible for your family’s preparedness plan at the lowest price possible. This is the product we set out to make so that it would last and be viable when you need it, and be affordable for your family. If you’ll consider the amount and quality of materials in this kit you’ll see the bargain that it is.

he SURVIVAL MEDICAL BIRTH BUCKET is designed for birthing, when getting to the hospital is not an option. This kit comes in a mylar lined 5 gallon pail with a Gamma Seal lid. The pail liner is sealed, but also has a zipper end for repeated entry while still prolonging shelf life. This is a preparedness product and as such is designed with emergency and grid down situations in mind. If you haven't thought about it before, think about it now… when the grid goes down, the birth rate will go up.

Voyageur Kit
The Voyageurs of old traveled by canoe to the remote backcountry hacking their life out of the vast wilderness. The Voyageurs of today seek the outskirts by land and water because their heart pushes them there. This medical kit is designed for the first aid situations these trailblazers and adventurers might encounter. Our packaging system will keep out the elements in even the harshest conditions ensuring that the high quality contents will be ready when you need them. Journey safe, journey smart with Survival Medical.

There are many other kits available.  You can get them at survival-medical.com as well as other retailers and re-sellers.

Prepper Talk Radio Episode 48, 08 31 16 Survival and Prepping Mindset with Jeff Kirkham

Do you have the mindset to survive an emergency?  Is your mind and are your efforts focused on prepping and getting ready for a disastrous situation?  Do you feel the intense need to stock up on food and other supplies?

For many people that I talk to they are feeling these exact things.  So, what are you doing about it?  In addition to getting the stuff you'll need for an emergency is your mind in the right place?

www.preppercon.com  is coming up again this next April 21st - 22nd, 2017 at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy, UT.

Prepper Talk Radio Episode 47, 08 24 16 Discussions on First Aid with Jeff Kirkham of ReadyMan

First aid an essential survival skill and it requires proper education and practice.

We get our first aid kits from survival-medical.com

The only first aid kits tougher than nature!

The purpose of this site is to provide you with information about what I have learned, my experience, and what my motivations are as a Prepared Guy. I have always felt driven to be ready for any situation by something powerful deep inside me. Being prepared has always served me well. I feel compelled to help others do the same.
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