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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Prepper Talk Radio Episode 46, 08 17 16 Seven Habit of Hightly Effective Preppers

The Seven habits of Highly Effective... Preppers.  Because preppers are people too.

Yes, I realize that this has been done before... but not by me.  Besides my opinion is different than that of those other guys.  Stick with me.

#1.  Organization.  Is not just daily or weekly but requires continual effort.  Organization applies to rotating your food storage and other provisions.  Ensuring that your supplies are adequate, accessible and that you aren't missing critical elements.  Do you have plans to bug-out?  What's your plan B? Plan C?  An effective prepper is continually learning, organizing and making adjustments to his plans and supplies.

An emergency situation such as a natural will be chaotic.  Bring some order to that chaos through being organized, not just prepared.

#2.  Continually Practices Skills & Gains Knowledge.  The key to warding off fear and anxiety during an emergency situation is not only to have the gear and supplies you need but also the knowledge that will give you the confidence to remain cool, calm and collected.

#3.  Concentrates on Personal Health and Fitness.  You should be working on this every day, along with every other item on this list.  If you're like me you'll not only want to take care of your immediate family but also your extended family, friends and neighbors.  This can lead to very long and exhausting days as well as the high risk of injury.  Personal fitness should include activities that build and/or maintain muscle, cardio and endurance.  Find the activities that you can and will do everyday that work best for you.  As for me, my daily routine includes push ups, pull ups and time spent on the Total Gym.  Weekends, and whenever my work schedule allows, I add a hike or other activity that gets me moving.  I mow the lawn, pushing the mower rather than using the drive feature.  I stand rather than sit. In general I avoid being idle and stay active throughout the day.  

#4.  Uses resources efficiently.  When you take a shower do you have the water turned on full bore or do you turn it down to just the amount that you need?  Do you re-use mostly drained batteries in low drain devices until you've used every volt or do you just throw them away?  Are you a saver?  Do you not feel any guilt when something you spent money on gets wasted and thrown away?  Boy, I sure do!  I am not a hoarder by any means.  However, I do consider what items may have future use or value before getting rid of them.  I realize that I do not have the space to keep everything that I may be able to use in the future so I have to balance future value with current storage space.

#5.  Teaches others.  When you have been warned it is your duty to warn your brother.  Yes, you are your brothers keeper.  To be a diligent prepper you must also spread your knowledge and teach your family and friends, and anyone else who asks.  We do this for more than just a few reasons.  As we teach others and help our neighbors to become more self sufficient and prepared this decreases the burden on our community should there be an emergency.  As we teach others we become more proficient in that which we are teaching.

#6.  Keeps Quiet.  While it may seem that the previous habit negates this one, that is not the case.  We've all had the conversation when we mention a little something about prepping with a new neighbor or even a family member.  We make a statement or state a fact to illicit a response to better determine their receptiveness to our "message".  Depending upon that response, or lack thereof, we then determine how to proceed in teaching.  However, we need not reveal the critical details of our preps but rather talk in generalities.  If asked directly "How much food storage do you have?" by a neighbor who you have not yet come to know well, or one you know well and know that they don't have squat for their own food storage, should indicate to you what you should and shouldn't say.  In general, nobody needs to know exactly what you have.  Do you have food storage, guns and ammo?  Yes.  Do they need to know the extent of your preps?  Absolutely not.  You can certainly help them to become more prepared without divulging critical information.  Not telling them too much will let them know that you take this seriously and that they should too.  Is it OK to lie in this situation?  "You know, we don't have much yet, but we're diligently working on it."  This could be the truth or an outright lie.  It's up to you how to respond.  As for me; I'm keeping quiet.

#7.  Is Diligently Observant.  What is your perception of our society today as compared to a decade ago?  Are the differences strikingly obvious or just mildly?  Are you taking steps to combat these changes and prepare for their effects?        


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