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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Prepper Talk Radio Episode 45, 08 10 16 Overlooked Prepper Skills

The list of important daily skills that we regularly overlook is long and detailed.  At least my list is.  On this weeks show we only have the time to talk about a few of the more critical ones.  Besides the obvious, what skill are you neglecting to practice and learn more about when it come to becoming self-sufficient?  You certainly don't want to count on luck to see you through.

While searching for a pic online to go with this post I came across this quote.  A persistent, consistent and concentrated effort will provide for us what we most desire.

Do you know how to find water when it is scarce?  Are you able to care for a wound so that it does not get infected?  Are you handy?  When something around the house is broken can you fix it, or do you have the desire and ability to quickly learn how?  Do you take your cars to the shop when something needs to be fixed or do you first try and attempt the repair yourself?  Do you know how to find good tinder even when it has been rainy and wet?  Are you comfortable and skilled in deescalating a dangerous situation?  How are your problem solving skills?  Have you taken a First Responder course and can provide life saving first aid?  How do you treat someone who is in shock?  

Like I said, the list can go on and on.  Think about what your fears are, where your knowledge is lacking and do a little something each day to improve.  

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