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Friday, August 5, 2016

Prepper Talk Radio Episode 43, 07 27 16 The Real News is Behind the Propaganda

Russia targeted US - British Special Forces base in Syria - again. https://sofrep.com/59984/russia-targeting-us-british-special-forces-base-syria/

Are you primarily watching the main stream media?  If you are, here are some REAL news stories you have probably missed.

Massachusetts Attorney General Unilaterally Bans Thousands of Previously Legal Guns

The financial system is breaking down at an unimaginable pace. https://www.sovereignman.com/trends/the-financial-system-is-breaking-down-at-an-unimaginable-pace-20016/ 

Large Investors make the exit:  Big rental investors like Blackstone are now selling properties to current renters.  http://www.doctorhousingbubble.com/large-investors-make-market-exit-blackstone-selling-properties/

AP; Officials 'admit deadly Fukushima meltdown coverup"  http://enenews.com/ap-officials-admit-deadly-fukushima-meltdown-coverup-unprecedented-nuclear-disaster-about-bad-tepco-president-lied-about-meltdowns-cover-grave-issue-unpardonable-breach-trust-video

These are just a few stories about our current condition.  Believe me, there are many more just like these, and worse.

Where do you get your news?  What are distractions and what is real important news?   Are you looking and watching for the signs of war?  Financial collapse?  Market manipulations?  The truth is they are all around us and you'll see them if you're looking.

What steps are you taking to prepare yourselves for these possibilities?  Did you know that our government can now legally lie to us and use propaganda against us?  How do we know what to believe?  Who is telling us the truth and who is purposefully trying to deceive?  The tough part is that you'll have to discern for yourselves.


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