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Friday, July 1, 2016

Are you prepared to... walk?

Where ever I go my ultimate plan is to always have with me the right tools and resources that I might need just in case I have to walk to get back home.  Let me paint you a picture.

As a young child I had a series of dreams.  Just like a television series that continues along a progressing story line each week so did these dreams.  It all started out on a family trip to the mountains for a drive and a picnic.  For some unknown reason our family car, which was a red Jeep Cherokee Chief, would not start.  So, we began walking.  Each night for what seemed to me like years, actual years, night after night, each time I went to bed, my dreams were all about trying to get home.  Always just walking... and flying.  I'm one of those people who has always had dreams where I was able to fly.  If only I could do that while I'm awake.  I am sure that these dreams were meant to inspire me to prepare for this possibility.  Hopefully it won't actually happen to me but I'll do my best to be ready for it.       

When one of my kids go away with a friend on a trip, my advice to them is to be prepared to walk home.  To take with them what they need to make walking home possible.  This is also my advice to you. 

I haven't taken a flight in almost 4 years.  Since that time I have become much more intense about always being prepared.  Flying dramatically reduces my options of what I can take with me.  I had a quick flight from SLC to LA recently.  In and out, same day, with a layover in Phoenix each way.  So, what are the minimal items that I can legally carry with me, in a carry on bag?  The premise is that flights may be canceled due to a terrorist event or we possibly get hit with an EMP or a financial collapse that makes a return flight impossible.  What can I take with me in a single carry on bag that will make my situation more bearable and even a walk back home possible.  What plans could I make to provide for a quick escape from either of these deadly extremely dense population centers?  

I have compiled a list of items that I carried with me in my bag.  This bag is a small professional shoulder bag that won't hold much.

1.  Water filter water bottle.
2.  AA flashlight with spare batteries 
3.  USB battery pack charger
4.  Headphones
5.  Note pad and pen.
6.  Wallet, ID and cash.
7.  Bandana
8.  E95 mask. (2)
9.  Compact first aid kit.
10.  Map of the area.
11.  Compass.
12.  (2) Silver dollar coins - American Eagle
13.  Essential Oils
14.  Excedrin and Ibuprofen
15.  Fresnel lens
16.  Hand sanitizer
17.  Readyman escape and evade survival card
18.  Tissues
19.  Energy Bars / Candy / Snacks
20.  Spare glasses
21.  Signal mirror
22.  Survival bracelet
23.  Water bag for more water carrying capacity.
24.  Emergency Blanket
25.  Duct tape

Also, don't forget to pack your skills.  If you don't know how to use a map and compass and don't have a great sense of direction that you've developed over years of experience and practice, this journey home is gonna get far more complicated.  I'll talk more about this in an upcoming blog post.

Another essential aspect of being able to walk home is your personal fitness, which I will also address in another upcoming blog post.  Are you fit and healthy enough to make a difficult journey?  If not, what are you doing to become so? 

As I have never been to LA, before I left I became familiar with the area via map and google earth to plan an escape route out of the city.  I plotted a course from landmark to landmark with plans for an alternate route or two and marked these on a map.  I have prepared a list of friends and people I know in the area and carried their contact information with me.  I took enough cash, and a few silver coins, to buy several days worth of food and other minimal tools i'll need, if I have the opportunity to get them.  I marked on my map the location of the nearest sporting goods stores where I can acquire the basic tools that I'll need to make the journey home including:

A.  A multi tool such as a Swiss Tool.
B.  A machete or other large blade.
C.  A way to easily sharpen them like a small diamond or carbide sharpener.
D.  Bic lighter(s)
E.  Tarp or other shelter
F.   Umbrella 

Depending upon the season this list will change and could be much longer and more comprehensive.  It being the middle of summer I'll need shelter from the sun so that I can travel as much as possible during the day, thus the umbrella.  Additionally I'll try to get a change of clothes, boots and backpack.  Most airlines will allow both a personal item and a carry on bag.  I could have chosen to bring an additional carry on such as a small backpack with these additional items that I would need.  

In an SHTF event the vast majority of people around you will not realize what it actually happening.  But you will, because you are aware of the possibilities.  This will give you the advantage.  Take that opportunity to quickly acquire what you'll need and to get out of the immediate danger zones; anywhere there are lots of people.  Hopefully you'll find good people along your way who will help and support you.  If you belong to a particular group or church, plan your route to include stops at local church buildings, community shelters, etc. to increase your chances of finding good and prepared people willing to help.  

Fortunately nothing did happen and I made it back home safe and sound, but how do you think I would have felt IF something did happen and I could have been more prepared for it?  I had no excuse, other than perhaps my own laziness, not to be prepared and carry a few additional items.  Expect to be caught off guard, when you are the least prepared, for something catastrophic to happen.   

Flying far away from home and having to walk back to your family and resources would be a worst case scenario.  This may also be a far-fetched scenario as well but it is best to prepare for the worst and then expect the best in every case.  


I'm one of those (blessed) people who has had a broken down vehicle THREE times in death valley in July....the first time I was a kid but it made an impression and after that I have kept supplies enough with me to make it.

It's a good thing you learned early to be prepared. Thanks for sharing.

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