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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sell everything now, buy preps!

Allow me to restate:  Sell everything unimportant or non-critical to your families spiritual and temporal preparation to survive an SHTF event and buy food and other essential supplies.  Do it now.

I have always said that there would soon come a day when we would no longer be able to acquire the 'stuff' needed to survive an extended emergency.  That day is not yet here but let me assure you that it is very near.

If you have been adding to your preps little by little, buying a few extra cans of food or other supplies each time you go to the store good on you!  However, the time has come to step up the pace!  If you have just begun this strategy to store up a years worth of food and other emergency supplies and intend to take a few years to complete the process I believe that it may already be too late.

Shortages of particular items have already begun to show the weaknesses in the supply chain.  The entire supply chain for the vast majority of retail stores is based on debt.  A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.  As liquidity dries up so does the ability for manufacturers and other suppliers to obtain what they need to manufacture and sell their goods to the retail stores.  Expect continued yet more rapid inflation along with shortages of the things you use everyday.

That car that you've been attached to and hanging onto for decades that you don't really need... If you don't have a years worth of food storage, appropriate medical supplies and a means to protect them... let it go and use those funds to get what you need.

What else of value do you have hanging around your home that you no longer have a use for that could be sold for extra cash?  Now is the time sell what no longer has worth to you and stock up your cupboards and pantry shelves.

Those of you who have a significantly sized bank accounts but little to no food storage or other preps would be wise to remedy that mistake quickly.  If you have equities, stocks, bonds, etc. my non-financial advisory opinion would be to liquidate some (all if you really wanna know what I think) and stock up on real assets instead of paper debt notes that aren't gonna keep your family fed during a crisis.

There is still time.  But don't count on there being much left.  What I mean by actually running out of time could be a number of scenarios.

First, the real employment rate, as measured how it had been for many decades is currently somewhere around 23% according to shadowstats.com.  For these people who are living off of the government, being helped by their extended family or other charities they have already crossed this line.  Their chance of obtaining work that will support them is and will continue to decline.  Jobs are and will continue to disappear which will affect more and more people.  If things are good for you in this respect I am happy for you.  Take advantage of it as soon as humanly possible and stock up.

Next, because of the faltering economy the government, federal reserve and central banks will continue to work together to create currency, attempting to boost the markets thus ensuring an inflationary if not hyper-inflationary environment in the near future.

Even though currency (note that I do not use the word 'money' for fiat dollars) is being created at record paces liquidity is drying up.  This means that manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers will have difficulties in obtaining the financing they need to make and buy the products they sell to you and me.  Because this entire process revolves around lines of credit and other forms of debt if there is a break in one of the links of the supply chain then the conveyor of just-in-time deliveries comes to a screeching halt.  Because interest rates are historically low many banks and other financial institutions who provide financing for this process are operating on very low profits which make for weak links.                

There are many other events including natural disasters, terror attacks, this next presidential election, cyber attacks and more that could interrupt or cut off the flow of goods to our local stores.  Any of these events could happen any day which would take away our ability to stock up on the food and other critical things that we need everyday.  Hoarding is only a mental illness when it involves the collection of useless junk.  The powers that be will use that word to make us feel like there is something wrong with us if we feel the need to stockpile supplies.  Don't let them tell you what is right or wrong.  Self sufficiency and preparation is never wrong.

There's no time like the present.  Don't procrastinate any longer.  Make every effort.


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