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Thursday, May 12, 2016

PrepperCon Radio Episode 32, 05 11 2016 Protect: Real Home Security

On today's episode we talk about things that everyone can do to make their homes more secure.  Hardening or fortifying your home can be as simple as adding longer screws to your front door hinges and deadbolt plates.

Here is a link to a previous blog post that I wrote back in 2013 about how to better fortify your home from intruders.


Hardening your home is the most effective and least expensive methods to keep criminals out.  These methods include:

Replacing the short screws in your exterior door hinges and latch plates with longer (3") screws to tie them into the house framing which will make a tremendous difference in strengthening the door against kicking.

This is what happens when only short 3/4" screws are used.  A door can easily kicked in.  The door jam is the only thing keeping the bad people out.  Not good.  

Install beefier latch plates for the deadbolt and door knobs.
Ensure that your entry door hard wear is of good quality.
Install additional door locks like the door blocker lock.

These kinds of locks are best as the attached to the house framing and not the door.

Ensure that your entry door is either solid wood or steel with a steel frame, and not a wood frame.

This is what happens to a wood frame door when it is kicked in. It has metal on both sides of the door but the frame is wood,  A steel frame door or solid wood door is much stronger. 

Install security film on sliding glass doors and ground level windows to resist breaking.

Check out this video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Maph1a2qFf4

Install manual locks on your garage door and garage door release lever.

These are just a few simple suggestions on how to keep bad guys out of your home.


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