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Friday, February 12, 2016

PrepperCon Radio Episode 19, 2 10 16 Protect: Non-traditional and improvised weapons.

We had fun with the topic today... and several callers with great comments.  There are almost  unlimited ways to improvise weapons for self defense or the zombie apocalypse other than guns.  This was our topic for the day.   Our objective was to open the minds of our listeners to consider the possibilities.  No matter where ever we may be at the moment an improvised self defense weapon is likely to be close at hand.  

This one is particularly mean looking but many improvised weapons are not as apparent.  Consider the following list.

1.  Hammer/pry-bar.  My favorite: a demolition hammer/tool.   More people are killed with hammers than with rifles.  
2.  Tomahawk.  There are many different versions.
3.  "Rambo" Knife.  Or Crocodile Dundee type knife.
4.  Re-curve Bow (and arrows)
5.  Bows improvised from PVC, skis, and other methods.
6.  Mace / Flail.  There are many ways to improvise a version of this weapon.
7.  Machete
8.  Kukuri
9.  Sling Shot
10. Broom Stick / Cane
11.  Fire Extinguisher
12.  Toilet tank lid.
13.  Monkey fist.
14.  Belt
15.  Tactical Pen / Flashlight
16.  Wasp / bear / hair spray
17.  Golf club
18.  Ice Axe
19.  Frying pan / rolling pin
20.  Hedge trimmer / various yard tools
21.  Collapsible baton
22.  Lamp / Lamp cord
23.  Brass knuckles

Look around the room you are in right now and become aware of what you could quickly grab to use as a striking weapon or something that could shield you in case of attack.  

Listen to the archived broadcast on K-Talk Media here:  http://radiorecast.com/ktalk/archive/PrepperCon%20Radio/2016%200210%20NonConventional%20self%20defense%20weapons.mp3

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