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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

J5 Tactical Lighting

If you follow this blog, or me on Facebook, you'll know that I am a flashlight fiend.  I have spent $100's on a single flashlight and have many different brands, sizes and versions.  I'm not one to compromise quality when it comes to something as important to me as an EDC flashlight but I do have both expensive and inexpensive lights.

Contrary to what I may, or may not, have believed previously, there just may be an important place for a low cost, high value EDC flashlight.  I know!  You can't believe that actually left my fingertips.

Let me be completely honest; J5 Tactical flashlights are budget flashlights.  But, the right question is; at what price point does my definition of quality and value meet?

I spent $60 on my EDC light.  It is a small, rechargeable (CR123R), 200 lumen wonder with four light levels plus strobe, a robust pocket/cap clip, magnetic/rechargeable base and low battery indicator.  As my learning and experience have expanded I have changed EDC lights.  I may very well switch yet again in the future as my needs and requirements change.  This light lives clipped to the inside of my pocket alongside my pocket knife.  For the features and perceived quality I feel that this light is worth the expense.

I have both the V2 and V1 Pro in my possession for this review.  Although the V1 is a AA battery light it is considerably larger than my EDC light.  So, I would not consider it for my EDC light as it is too large for my pocket.  But that is not what it was designed to be.  At 300 lumens it is one of the brightest single AA battery lights available.  The V2 is rated at up to 750+ lumens which is blindingly bright!

Both of these lights are designed to be striking tools and have incorporated ridged edges on both the bezel and the tail cap whereas my small pocket EDC light is not.  As a striking tool it has to be large enough to be effective.  The V1 Pro is what I would consider to be the minimal size of an effective striking tool for my hand size.  The larger size of both of these flashlights also allows the design to incorporate a heat sink around the bulb and electronics to dissipate the heat generated because of the high lumens.  Heat shortens the life of electronics.  The heat sink also provides for a positive grip on the light.

The V2 is made for the rechargeable 18650 battery.  This battery looks like an over sized AA and is rated at up to 2600 mAh which it approximately twice that of a typical rechargeable AA battery.  This much power is required to achieve the higher lumen output.  It also has multiple settings including High, Medium, Low, Strobe and SOS.

Both of these lights can be focused from an ultra wide beam to a tight spot beam for the most distance.  This feature is not very common on many lights and makes them more versatile than other non focusing flashlights.

Is there a place in my arsenal of lights for the J5 Tactical lineup?  With the price of the V2, including the rechargeable battery and charger at under $40 I'd say so!  While J5 does not currently offer a light that works for me as an EDC pocket carry light the V2 is an excellent option for an EDC bag.  The small size high lumen V2 has a spot reserved for it among my other EDC gear,

While 750 lumens is more than you'll need for most indoor situations the lower setting and long battery life make the V2 a versatile all around tool for use indoors as well as for outdoor activities.

Visit www.j5tactical.com for more information on the specifications of each light.


Just got my v2 today. LOVE IT


This post is really informative and helpful too.
As I am thinking to buy v2 model .

This information is really helpfull to me.
These flashlights are waterproof and are also strong enough to withstand extreme weather changes.

I must say that flashlights play an important role in the job of professionals who perform search and rescue operations.

Since these operations usually require the free use of hands, the type of flashlights commonly used in such cases is those that can be clipped on to the uniform or strapped around the head in some way.

This feature not helps to illuminate the area in front of the professionals, but also allows them to use their hands for rescue operations.

Thanks a lot buddy for sharing this.

Keep doing good work.

God bless u:)

Hi. I just got my flashlight and was looking for a holster for it. I was looking on Amazon but they have so many. Any recommendations? Thanks.

I like the niteize products. They are very good quality but tend to be a bit pricey.


I also have one of these.


Will j5 tactical flashlight work on an ar15

Just read your article. Good one. I liked it. Keep going. you are a best writer your site is very useful and informative thanks for sharing! Go for the best quality product possible and research before purchasing one. Wasting money is not something anyone likes, better spend sometimes on research and get the right best small Tactical Backpack.

There are many different kind of flashlight mounts for AR-15's. I'm sure that you could find one that would work. However, I would recommend that you look for lights that are made specifically to work with AR's. There are many. Look for one with a momentary switch and is at least 200 lumens. Depending upon what kind of hand guard you have will determine how and where the light mounts. Do lots of research before you buy one and determine how you are going to use it because once you get it and mount it on your rifle it may not work out exactly as you had hoped.

Is the V2 legitimately 700 lumens? Trying to decide if I 'need' this or not.

I have not done any tests myself. The thing with most flashlights, in my practical experience, is that the top end lumens don't last as long as the stats say. I don't need any particular level of lumens specifically but a tactical EDC light should be no less than 200 lumens in my opinion. If you're using it outdoors you may need more lumens on occasion. I just got the Fenix TK20R which is 1000 lumens on the highest setting. I call it my Apocalypse light and it's about $100. It's rechargeable with a micro USB and also has 10, 150, 350 and strobe settings. Very versatile but on the big side for an EDC light. On 10 or 150 lumens it lasts a very long time. J5 is a very good budget priced light. I prefer the quality and features of the Fenix over any other light I have found so far. They are a bit pricey but I the value is very good.

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