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Thursday, January 14, 2016

PrepperCon Radio Eposide 15, 1 13 16 Protect: with Ben Hansen

Joined again by Ben Hansen of Hansen Firearms Training, Mr. PrepperCon and The Prepared Guy talk Utah concealed carry gun laws.  You had better know this backward and front if you carry.  Ben is both a Utah CCP instructor as well as a SoCal instructor.



If you carry you should know your abilities and limitations.  Do you know about the 21' rule?  (Some now say 28').  Do you know how to defend against a knife attack?  Do you have the skills to take a firearm away from an attacker and know how to keep your firearm from being taken?  Don't always count on being able to appropriately defend yourself with only a gun.

Stan Prueitt of http://urbansurvivors.com/ is one great resource for proper training.

Listen to the archived broadcast here:

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