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Thursday, December 31, 2015


What will 2016 bring?

I certainly can't tell you with any kind of certainty but I believe that the world elites have their goals and already know what they would have it bring for us.  This cover of the Economist Magazine potentially lays it all out for us.  I'm not one to push these kinds of 'conspiracy theories' but I believe that there may be something to this.  To be adequately prepared we must have our eyes open to the possibilities.

Watch this video.  If you don't think that there are nefarious plans already in place you might want to do some research and then think again.  I'm not a big fan of Bix Weir and I don't agree with him for a second about Bitcoin or other digital currencies but I am a regular follower of SGT Report.

I will attempt to give you my predictions about 2016 and what I feel it might bring.  I think I was pretty spot on about my 2015 predictions but perhaps not as aggressive as I could have been as the events that transpired in 2015 were far more sinister and frequent than I had imagined.

1.  The Federal Reserve will continue to pretend that all is well.  It will be learned, although the Fed says that they had ended QE, that they have been supporting the markets and banks through back doors and off the books.  This will be stepped up even more because of the interest rate hike.  Although the inter-bank interest rate was said to have been increased the Fed and banks will do whatever they please in private to boost the stock market and support the banks.  Although it will initially appear that the interest rate hike has made very little impact to the markets this will be a lie as dollar creation will have increased exponentially and will be hidden from the public.

2.  A false flag operation unlike the world has ever seen before will occur on American soil.  Even 9/11 will pale in comparison.  This event will be used to institute martial law in most major American cities and further clamp down on citizens rights including gun rights and free speech.

3.  The 2016 presidential election will not occur.  This false flag (terrorist) event will create such havoc that martial law will be declared and it will be deemed impossible to continue with the elections due to security and other concerns.

4.  The stock and bond markets will crash and the 'economy' will officially enter a depression.  This will be blamed on the false flag event.

5.  A new Quantitative Easing program will commence which will also include an immense stimulus directly to the people where each taxpayer will be given a check so large as it will more than double the national debt.

6.  All of these events will unseat the US dollar as THE world reserve currency.

7.  The price of Silver and Gold will no longer be contained by the paper markets.  Silver will reach nearly $900/ounce before the end of the year and no one will be able to buy any.

8.  The Real Estate market will drop off a cliff.   This is where deflation will hit the hardest.

9.  China will announce it's true reserves of gold and will back it's currency with gold.  This is one of the factors that will cause the precious metals manipulations to end and gold and silver to spike in price.

10.  WWIII will 'officially' start.  Although there are many that feel it has already begun, the false flag attack will cause the US to declare war on whatever nation it blames the attack on.

11.  Division in the US of A will increase and become even more heated and dramatic.  It's not gonna get any better any time soon.

12.  The American people, the true patriots and those who would uphold the Constitution will be ever more persecuted by it's own government, called terrorists and be blamed for the current troubles.

OK, I admit, this may not all happen in 2016 but most definitely by 2018.  Black swan and false flags events are occurring more and more often and government is assuming control more quickly.  Like a snowball or avalanche the speed and frequency with which these events occur will continue to increase, thus I don't feel that it is too far fetched to say that all of these events could happen in 2016.
Prepare yourselves!  Get as much food storage as possible.  Don't forget water too and a way to purify and filter much more.  Stock up on ammo and find a way to get those firearms you need.  Get your dollars out of the banking system and stash away some cash, gold and silver.  Always keep your eyes on the ball.  Encourage your family, friends and neighbors to do the same.


They have more than one plan "B" if certain thing do not fall into place. There is going to be something in the water / the ocean . It is predicted in June or July. This will be huge.
Also Chicago and off the coast of California is a scheduled event. They like to play their plans with a two pronged attack. One huge as display, the other will be the slight of hand.

Thanks for your comment and perspective. I would be weary of anyone providing dates though. Keep dates in mind and be prepared but don't count them as gospel.

Thanks for your comment and perspective. I would be weary of anyone providing dates though. Keep dates in mind and be prepared but don't count them as gospel.

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