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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Readyman Gear

It's about time that I wrote about this stuff!  Now that I finally have an entire day mostly to myself I'm gonna do my best to get caught up.  Happy New Year everyone!  I hope that you make some significant progress at becoming more prepared this year!  The same goes for me too.

If you are not already familiar with ReadyMan you should at least take a minute or two to educate yourself.  Theses guys are the real deal and so is the gear that they produce.


I'm sure that you have already seen at least one of their products.  All of the products they create go hand-in-hand with the training they provide and are based on years of their experience as Army Rangers and Navy Seals.

The Hostage Escape Card was their first offering.  This metal card, the size and thickness of a credit card, is meant to be kept in your wallet with the purpose to aid you in escaping if you are ever kidnapped or otherwise captured.  This card includes a tension wrench, picks, handcuff shims and a saw for cutting rope, zip ties or tape.  Knowing how to pick a lock is a not only an impressive man skill it can help you avoid a sticky situation.  If you know how to pick a lock it is much harder to get your "Man Card" revoked.  

Additionally they have an Emergency Vehicle Acquisition Card (E.V.A.C.) designed to assist in the event that you need a vehicle in an emergency.

An AR-15 Cleaning Card designed to scrape hard to reach carbon deposits from the AR-15 bolt carrier, bolt and star chamber.
A Wilderness Survival Card that includes fish hooks, lures, saws, trident, arrowhead, needles and much more.

A Fishermans Survival Card

The EDC Defense Tool.

The ReadyMan Arm Cannon.  A long lost skill that I will be working on diligently in the spring.

The ReadyMan Knife.  I need to get my hands on one of these!
A Pocket Survival Stove.  Watch out for an upcoming review on this specifically.
And their ReadyMan Firearm Lubricant.  I am currently putting this to the test and will update you sometime in the future.  This year I have been shooting it dirty, (my AR-15 and XD-9) and it is now time to clean.  I will return and report.
Watch for new upcoming collaborations between ReadyMan, PrepperCon and The Prepared Guy.  Visit PrepperCon.com for the new ReadyMan/PrepperCon card that will initially be available with the online purchase of your April expo admission in SLC.  

You can watch our previous broadcasts on the PrepperConTV YouTube channel with Jeff and Evan of ReadMan here:




Or listen to the archived broadcasts here:





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