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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

PrepperCon Radio Episode 9, 12 02 15 Prepare: Readyman

In addition to, and as a continuation of the radio show today I wanted to expound on the topic of what you can do to be prepared for winter emergencies.  An hour is just so little time for such an important topic.

Jeff Kirkham with Readyman was our guest again today.  He had some great comments from the perspective of being former military and having trained in winter conditions all over the world.

Take a listen to the program on the K-Talk.com archives here:   http://radiorecast.com/ktalk/archive/PrepperCon%20Radio/2015%201202%20Winter%20Preparedness%20with%20Readyman.mp3

Or watch/listen to the broadcast on the PrepperConTV YouTube channel.  I completely forgot to take along the DSLR this morning so there is no video for this episode.  Sorry.  But the sound quality is much better.  You just don't get to see our handsome mugs this time.

 We spoke briefly about what items you should carry in your vehicle for the winter in a worst case scenario.  Here is my winter survival kit list.

1.  Wool blankets
2.  Snow boots
3.  Flashlight / spotlight / signal light
4.  Hand warmers (lots)
5.  Tool kit
6.  Food  (72 hour kit)
7.  Water
8. Fix-a-flat
9.  Extra fluids, including windshield washer fluid.
10.  Emergency radio and extra batteries
11.  Car charger / jump starter
12.  Map
13.  First Aid Kit
14.  Tow strap
15.  Ice scraper
16.  Shovel
17.  Duct tape
18.  Knife
19.  Tire chains
20.  Camp stove
21.  Gloves
22.  Winter coat/clothing.
23.  Cel Phone
24.  Emergency Flares / triangle
25.  Tow strap
26.  Large garbage bags

In addition to this list you will need to add personal items appropriate for your family.  These items may include:

-  Prescriptions
-  Coloring books and crayons
-  Child backpack or stroller
-  Etc.

Check the weather reports before you leave and plan accordingly.

You should always tell others your travel plans and stick to a travel schedule.

25% of winter deaths are attributed to people leaving their vehicle.  So, unless you are prepared to walk in the bitter cold of winter, don't.

Keep your gas tank full.  When your tank reaches 1/2, consider it to be empty and top it off.  If you slide off the road and become stuck you will need to stay warm by keeping the vehicle on.  I you are stuck in traffic for hours because of bad weather you'll feel much better if you have a full tank.

Winter / snow tires make a very noticeable difference.  However, unworn tires with good tread life and lots of siping will help to ensure that you have good traction.  As you drive you can check road conditions by applying the brakes to test your tire traction and then driving at an appropriate speed to will keep you in control.

If you are driving in wet snow you will find that it may be more difficult to find traction than in dry powder snow.  Avoid spinning your tires.  Keeping a bag of kitty litter or coarse sand in your vehicle may help you to find traction when you are stuck.

Dress in layers.  Avoid cotton clothing that will absorb moisture and wear synthetic clothing layers such as polypropylene or other name brand fabrics made specifically to 'wick' away moisture from your skin.  Remember, the three rules of winter survival.  1.  Stay dry.  2.  Stay dry.  3 Stay dry.  If you are sweating and the weather becomes cold your body will lose heat rapidly and you may become hypothermic.  Wearing the right clothing when outdoors in the winter could save your life.

Read my recent post about how to property tow a vehicle to learn how to also recover a stuck vehicle.


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