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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

PrepperCon Radio Episode 11, 12 16 15 Survive: Day One Response

Episode #11 of PrepperCon Radio with Day One Response, the creators of the Day One Waterbag  A complete water treatment system that incorporates purification and filtration.

What will you do when the taps run dry?  Do you have a plan in place about how to obtain more water consistently?  How do you plan on making that water drinkable?  Here is one excellent solution.

Listen to the episode and then watch my YouTube video review of the waterbag.

You can buy the waterbag at Day One Response.com as well as donate them to relief efforts all around the world.


Watch my review of the waterbag and learn about my long term emergency plans about how I will provide water for my family.  Do you have a plan on how you'll get more water for your needs if the power goes out for an extended period of time?


You can also read my blog post for a more detailed review.


What are you going to do when your faucets no longer provide clean drinkable water?


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