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Sunday, December 13, 2015

PrepperCon Radio Episode 10, 12 09 15 Protect: The Armory

This 10th episode of  PrepperCon Radio we had a good time talking about concealed carry handguns and had some great listener questions and comments.  Being the second week of the month our theme is the 2nd mission of PrepperCon: Protect.  Our guest today was Brian from The Armory, a shooting range and gun shop in Sandy, UT.

Do you prefer to carry a pocket pistol, sub-compact, compact or full size pistol as your daily concealed carry weapon?  We talk about the benefits and reasons.  I say carry as big a gun as you can.  Scott disagrees.  Of course I'm right.  We also talk briefly about our top five firearm recommendations for preppers before our time is up.  Watch the broadcast below.

You can also listen to better sound quality at the PrepperCon Radio K-Talk archive here:


Check out the last two blog posts where I expound more about these two topics.




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