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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Pandemic Preparedness - "The power of knowledge can save your life."

It appears that the end of the Ebola epidemic has finally come to West Africa, or has it?  One can never be 100% sure.  The possibility of new epidemics and new strains of viruses and bacteria emerging at any time becomes more and more likely.  Just as we are overdue for 'the big one', referring to an earthquake here in Utah, we are also overdue for a worldwide epidemic that, like earthquakes, have happened regularly throughout history.

Unless it is in the news you and I forget about it.  This is the case concerning most everything, especially pandemics.  This does not mean that you and I do not need to be prepared for them.  Just as with ANY emergency situation, if you do not get ready in advance, and wait until the problem is immediately apparent, you may then not have the chance to prepare.

Kenneth McClelland wrote this book entitled 'The Pandemic Preparedness Guide'.

One of the first things he states in his book is that, according to many experts and health professionals  "there's a storm coming".  He goes on to say that "by educating yourself... you'll be in better shape than those who will learn about it in the last hour when it's upon us."

This is truth!  Not only does this apply to epidemics, pandemics and the plain old flu it applies to every facet of prepping.  Let this blog post serve as a reminder to also work at being prepared for this seemingly unlikely scenario for us.   

This guide is very detailed!  At the very least the medical leader in your group should become familiar with it's contents.  It will also teach you and your family what you can be doing everyday to minimize your exposure and how you can prepare for a large scale pandemic.  I highly recommend that it be added to your preparedness library.    Dare I say this book could be the "Bible" of pandemic preparedness?    

You can purchase the book here:

We will be giving away 3 autographed books from Ken.  Just LIKE the PrepperCon Facebook page and follow the instructions to enter the contest. 

Ken is also the author of several other books.


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