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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What I believe

There is a nearly unbelievable amount of uncertainty and confusion out there in the news, in the alternative media and "real life".  I immediately do not trust anything that the mainstream media says and have all but completely eliminated watching or listening to what they broadcast.  But now I am seeing more and more conflicting information and opinions about current event and interpretation of signs of the times.  One of my trusted sources says one thing and another of my trusted sources says the opposite.  It is very hard to know which one is right or at least the most correct.  If you feel the same let me say to you, don't be discouraged.  There are many of us out there feeling the same.

Our topic this week on PrepperCon Radio is the first mission of PrepperCon, which is:  Prepare.  (Prepare, Protect, Survive, Thrive) With such a broad topic I feel that it is essential, first of all, to identify your beliefs.  When you have cemented your well thought out beliefs in writing you can then better determine your course of action and priorities of how you will then prepare.  It is the "Why" that drives us; that gives our preparations purpose.  We can then determine the "How" to prepare and the "What" to prepare with.  These same principles that were written about by Simon Sinek don't apply exclusively to the sales profession.  "Start With Why".

I have compiled a list of things that I believe, that have to do with our current time and situations.  They are in no particular order.  Let me also say that what I believe on certain topics may change from time to time.  No this does not mean that I'm a flip-flopper but rather that I have received more information or had more time to consider the information and facts and have changed my opinion on the subject.  If any of you have a problem with that, tough.

1.  First and foremost; I believe in God the Eternal Father, and in his son Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost.  This one does belong at the top of my list.
2.  I believe that God has lead and guided me along this long, crooked and bumpy path to where I am now.  Sitting here, writing this post, realizing that very few people may ever see it, but that I am trying my best to fulfill my calling in life.
3.  I believe that the Constitution of the United States of America is an inspired document, written by men inspired by God.
4.  I believe that America is a blessed land.  For those who are righteous, obedient to God's commandments, we could not live in a better place.  If you are against God, this is the worst place you could live.  Because America is a blessed land all those those who do not obey God's laws will be wiped off the land.
5.  I believe that the US government is corrupt.  This includes the courts and many law enforcement agencies and 'alphabet soup' government agencies.  However, I do believe in being subject to them... up to a point.
6.  I believe that these days are the "end of days".  That the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ is very near.  I believe in the prophecies in the scriptures concerning the events that will take place prior to His 2nd coming.
7.  I believe that the bankers and the wealthy ruling elite are running, controlling and manipulating governments, politicians, corporations, etc.  I believe that their intent is to control the entire world with their "new world order" plans including agenda 21 and other treaties and secret combinations you may have heard of, and to establish a single world currency.
8.  I believe that the bankers and wealthy ruling elite (or whatever else you may call them) will not succeed with their plans.  They are not taking into account the events that will surely happen before the coming of Christ which will foil their plans.  The more and more you look and investigate the deeper the rabbit whole goes and the darker the outlook is for mankind.  I believe that the only way to return to a Constitutional Republic is for all things to collapse and foil the plans of the evil ruling world elite.    
9.  I believe that rights are given by our creator and not by government including the right to defense of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as acknowledged by the 2nd amendment.
10.  I believe that we are responsible for our own happiness and prosperity and that I am not entitled to anything that I have not earned for myself.
11.  I believe that knowledge is power.
12.  I believe that we don't have much time left to prepare.

I could continue to go on and list my beliefs.  Indeed I may come back and add more in the future but these are some of my core beliefs which cause me to do what I do.


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