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Thursday, November 19, 2015

PrepperCon Radio Episode 7, 11-18-2015, Survive: Live Life Survival

On today's PrepperCon radio broadcast our guest was Dan Whiting of Livelifesurvival.com.  Dan is a wilderness survival instructor.  He has also invented an all natural cold sore remedy which you can find at cloudburstbotanical.com.  His view on being a survivalist is probably somewhat different than other survivalists you may follow.  Take a listen.  

Dan taught several classes at our last PrepperCon event in SLC and will also be instructing at next years event on April 15th and 16th at the South Town Expo Center in Sandy, UT.  You can get tickets now at PrepperCon.com    

We had a very fun conversation about being a survivalist and about Dan's top 10 list of items you should have for wilderness survival in your pack.   I will create another post about all of these items and include my personal top 10 list as well.

You can listen to the archived broadcast here: 

You can watch the broadcast on the PrepperConTV YouTube channel here: 

All of the PrepperCon Radio shows can be heard on the K-Talk.com archives.  


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