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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

PrepperCon Radio Episode 6, 11-11-2015, Protect: Readyman

With Jeff and Evan from ReadyMan, myself and Scott in the studio today it was tight!  And I knew I would have a hard time getting more than a few words in.  Our topic was the second mission of PrepperCon: Protect.  We discussed the purpose of their Readyman escape and evade tools, the wilderness survival card. and how to make your home more secure among other things.  Listen to the archived broadcast.  I'm sure you'll learn a few things.

I was able to shoot at the ReadyMan compound a few months ago with Evan and Rory.  I, quite literally had a blast!  The level of professionalism from these gentlemen is top tier. Check out their site and subscribe to their online training service for the best quality training possible.

Listen to the archive of the broadcast here:  http://radiorecast.com/ktalk/archive/PrepperCon%20Radio/2015%201111%20Readyman%20Team%20Jeff%20&%20Evan.mp3

Watch the broadcast on the PrepperConTV YouTube channel here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTddmM02Zz4

Listen every Wednesday at 9AM MTN on AM 630 K-Talk Radio, KTKK SLC, UT.


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