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Friday, October 23, 2015

EDC Revisited

On our most recent PrepperCon radio show we had a brief conversation about every day carry items, otherwise known as EDC.

Take a look at my previous EDC post: http://www.preparedguy.com/2014/10/edc.html from a while back.

They are as many different versions of EDC as there are personalities and people.  What you carry is a very personal choice.  My EDC items are constantly evolving.  When I find something that works better, saves space, lightens the load, etc. then it gets replaced and the old item becomes a backup.

Here is a list of the items that I carry on my person, work bag and in my vehicle including my bug-home bag.


1. Springfield XD-9 Subcompact (9mm semi-auto handgun) in a Galco King Tuck IWB (inside the waist band) holster. On a good quality, sturdy 1.5" wide leather belt.
2.  Spare magazine.
3.  Victorinox swiss tool.
4.  Spiderco Manix 2 pocket knife.
5.  Olight S10R rechargable flashlight.  Multiple settings up to 200 lumens.
6.  Hat / Ball cap
7.  Jacket (appropriate for the weather)
8.  Vasque hiking shoes.
9.  Pen
10.  Smart Phone
11.  Wallet with cash
12.  Watch.  Suunto, Casio or Victorinox (depending upon the activity)
13.  Clothing appropriate for the activity.

Work bag:

1.  Energy bars/snacks
2.  Essential Oils
3.  Excedrin
4.  Collapsible baton
5.  Extra pair of eyeglasses
6.  Pens
7.  Backup flashlight
8.  Extra batteries
9.  Notepad
10.  TP
11.  Compact headlamp
12.  Sharpie
13.  Glow stick
14.  A little extra cash
15.  1 oz. silver round
16.  Swiss card
17.  Pepper Spray
18.  Compact tool kit.
19.  Small roll of duct tape.
20.  Cordage
21.  N95 Mask
22.  Bandana


1.  Winch
2.  Tow straps, shackels, snatch block, tree protector.
3.  Jumper cables
4.  CO2 air tank.
5.  Jump kit (EMT first aid kit)
6.  Empty 1 gallon gas can.
7.  Folding shovel
8.  Spare Hat
9.  Wool blanket
10.  Tool kit.
11.  Flat tire repair kit (plugs)
12.  Duct tape
13.  Contractor grade garbage bags
14.  Folding saw
15.  Hatchet or axe.
16.  400 watt inverter
17.  Water bottle
18.  Work gloves
19.  Snacks
20.  Bug-Home Bag
21.  Cold weather gear (Seasonal)
22.  1 Gallon water
23.  Sewing kit
24.  Search light
25.  Zip ties

Bug-Home Bag:

1.  Fire starting kit. (matches, lighters, ferro rod, tinder, etc.)
2.  First aid kit.
3.  Additional ammo.
4.  Flashlight/headlamp(s) and extra batteries.
5.  Emergency blanket (heavy duty)
6.  Fixed blade knife.
7.  Folding saw
8.  Glow sticks
9.  Energy bars
10.  Water filter
11.  Collapsible water bottle
12.  Leather gloves
13.  100' Paracord
14.  Sunscreen
15.  Hand sanitizer
16.  Compass
17.  Duct tape
18.  Gore-Tex hooded jacket
19.  Signal Mirror

Cold weather gear:

1.  Winter hat
2.  Glove liners
3.  Winter gloves
4.  Baklava
5.  Goretex shell pant and jacket
6.  Fleece insulating layers.
7.  Snow boots
8.  Snow shoes (opt.) and poles
9.  Hand warmers
10.  Extra winter socks.

Additional optional gear depending upon the destination:

1.  Winch anchor
2.  Gas cans (roof mounted)
3.  Fire extinguisher
4.  Additional tools
5.  Additional water filters and containers.
6.  Long rifle.
7.  Hiking boots

There are plenty other items that I could add to these lists.  These items represent the minimum gear that I will carry on a daily basis.  


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