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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Alternative Cooking Methods

A one hour show goes so incredibly fast that we just don't get much time to take or answer questions, or nearly as much time as i'd like. So, here are a few things i'll expound on from listener questions from last weeks (our 2nd) PrepperCon Radio broadcast.

Yes, dutch oven cooking in our modern day with modern charcoal briquettes is a great way to cook whether you are camping or just to prepare an excellent dessert in your back yard.  The charcoal briquettes that we use for nice even heat to our cast iron cook wear are manufactured through a fairly complex process.  To attempt to make your own briquettes would be, lets say, complicated.  You can, however, make your own charcoal.  Now if you desire to make your own charcoal to use with your dutch oven you probably will find that it doesn't make a whole lotta sense.  To make charcoal takes lots of heat and in my view is counterproductive if you intend to use the charcoal with a dutch oven.  Search YouTube for some DIY videos.  It makes much more sense to cook directly over a fire with your dutch oven than to make charcoal for use with it.

There are other reasons to make your own charcoal that do make sense such as charcoal for water purification otherwise known as activated charcoal.  Many water filters include an activated charcoal element.  You can learn more by again searching the many YouTube videos available as well as google.  Charcoal can also be used in making soap.

Charcoal briquettes are inexpensive and store easily for a very long time.  My advice, stock up.

If you haven't looked into cooking with a solar oven then you might be surprised at how well it works.  Jump on YouTube and do a google search for the same and you'll find some great info.

In order to adequately prepare for as many conditions as possibly you should also consider preparing for many different methods of cooking.  These methods can include; over a wood burning fire, charcoal briquettes, solar radiant heat (solar oven), propane stoves including your backyard BBQ, alcohol, kerosene, white gas and butane stoves and i'm sure that there are other methods as that you'll come up with as well.  

Kerosene Stove

Propane Stove
White gas stove

Butane Stove

I have also previously reviewed the Titan Ready USA - ECO HERC oven and found it to work very well.  This oven uses tea lights. 


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