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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Interest rates as a means of control

So the federal reserve says that they will be raising interest rates soon huh?  For those of you who believe that I urge you to think again.  The fed does not want to raise rates and will never raise rates until their purposes have been accomplished.  Purposes, you say?  What possible purpose could there be of spreading 'free' money all over the world beyond stimulating the growth of the economy?  To answer that somewhat sarcastic questions I ask you another questions.  For what reason(s) is anything ever free?  What strings were attached the last time you got something for free?  What was the actual price you had to pay when you last got something for free?  Free carpet pad with overpriced installation?  Buy one overpriced pair of shoes and get another one free?  Get a free Subway sandwich but only after accruing points having made many other purchases first.

You and I both know that virtually nothing is truly free.  The first pair of shoes you bought were overpriced so that the store could afford to give you another pair for 'free'.  Subway had to make a nice profit on you from all of your purchases before they could give you a free sandwich.  There are many more examples of this that I won't take the time to go into.

Sure, the Fed continues to keep saying at each FOMC meeting that they are going to raise rates but those of us who are clued into the truth about the federal reserve understand that their talk is all for show.  Have you seen how the markets react after each FOMC meeting?  Just the hint that the Fed is going to raise rates in the near future sends the markets up.  They don't need to raise rates to make the dollar stronger.  At least not for now.  All they have to do is hint about it and the main stream media and wall street jump as if it has already been done.  This strategy will not work for much longer.

The real reason interest rates are at essentially zero, in my humble opinion, other than because the economy is not actually growing, is specifically for the primary purpose of getting all people, cities, governments, municipalities and countries into debt and thus into servitude, under their control.  Who are "they"?  They are them who's product is debt.  Those who tell us that debt is a way of life.  The only way of life.  They are the same ones who brainwash us everyday with temptations of 0.00% interest rates on your new VISA credit card and low down home loans.  While at the same time they are destroying the middle class which virtually guarantees that you'll stay indebted to them forever.   

It is a fact that the US economy can not grow unless debt is expanded.  Both consumer debt and government debt must continually grow while the government attempts to inflate away their debt.  The fractional reserve banking systems that has taken over our world necessitates that additional debt be continually created just to cover the interest that is due on all the money created out of thin air.  I know, it makes perfect sense right?!  Ug!!!    

The fed could have and should have raised rates as soon as the recession was officially over.  Not that the recession ever really ended.  Zero percent interest rates were never appropriate.  Even Janet Yellen herself has called the low interest rates "inappropriately low".  Years and years of cheap money has done irreparable damage to the entire worlds financial system.  Cheap money has caused production of commodities and other products to expand greatly which has lead to overproduction and excessive supply.  This is leading to deflation, the number one enemy of the fiat banking system.  These guys know EXACTLY what they are doing.  

If any of you doubt what I am saying then take a look at what is happening in Greece.  Did the IMF forgive ANY of the Greek debt with their latest "bail out" agreement?  Did they give up anything at all to benefit the Greek people?  The answer is loud and clear; NO!  Reducing Greek debt would be a good thing for Greece, the IMF and as all nations holding Greek debt.  Greece's economy would grow which may make it possible for them to actually pay off a lower level of debt which would then benefit all parties.  BUT this did not happen and will not happen because the IMF and the international bankers only want control.  The IMF will now be taking control of Greek infrastructure and assets which will make conditions even worse in Greece.  Without assets the Greek government will not be able to raise the revenue necessary to even pay the interest payments due.  So, Greece will be back in not just the same place but in much worse condition as soon as the bail out funds from the IMF run out.

Now, suppose that the IMF did provide some debt relief for Greece.  What would have been the result?  Other countries that are indebted to the IMF like Greece would also petition for debt relief.  Providing debt relief would thwart the purposes of the world banks, central banks and the elite.  Debt is their product and there are no returns or exchanges allowed.  The IMF just made this perfectly clear with the latest Greek bail out.   Not only would debt relief be like giving refunds on open box merchandise after 30 days but it would cause everyone else to race for the exits as well.  This would cause a collapse of not only the Euro and the EU but shortly thereafter the entire world financial system.  Now that we see that the 'powers that be' will not allow debt to be forgiven, except for where otherwise permitted by law, you should assume the same for yourselves.  

My advice to you... Run for the exits!  Get out of debt now by whatever means you can.  Do not fall into the trap of acquiring debt just because you are tempted with extremely low interest rates.  Live within your means at all times even when you watch the Jones's drive home in the newest luxury SUV towing the matching ski boat.  Get yourself out of the system and put your hard earned wealth into real assets, not paper 'assets' or vehicles that depreciate and break down.  Remember, this is being done to us on purpose.  The banks and the elite are intentionally burdening us with debt as a means control.  Being in debt is servitude.  You can not truly be free if you are subject to rulers.  The fed will not raise interest rates until the entire planet is under their control, including you and me.  (Ok, that may be an exaggeration but hopefully you get my point.)


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