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Friday, July 24, 2015

Be ready by September

If you are keeping an eye on current events and watch alternative media sources at least somewhat regularly you are probably already aware that there is a lot of talk about what could potentially happen this fall.  More particularly in September.

I won't go into the details, you'll just have to do your own research about what could potentially happen.  But I will say that the correlation and coincidence of events is astounding!  Too many to say that it is purely coincidence.    

Here is a video worth watching that will give you a picture of what I am talking about.


When the time for a decision is at hand the time for preparation is past.  Better early than late.  That's all I'm saying.  I don't have any special knowledge of anything specific that may or may not happen this fall but what I DO know, and that I have been saying for a while, is that the time will soon come in which it will be too late to prepare.

The truth is that there are more than just a few possibilities for chaos at this time.  Systemic breakdown, economic slowdown, financial collapse, Jade Helm 15, world war, you name it.  Take your preparations seriously and make it your goal to be as prepared as you can be by September.  Most likely nothing will happen but the quantity and coincidence of events that are piling up make it too risky to ignore.

I find it more than interesting that some of these systemic problems that have been addressed in the alternative medial for years are actually starting to make their way into the mainstream media.  This can be interpreted as a good sign or a really bad sign.  For conditions to be so bad that even the mainstream media can not ignore them means that they must be pretty bad, but it is good that more people are learning about them.

Here is a short list of some of my recommendations that you should do to be ready, just in case;

1.  Have at least three months worth of food storage and 2 weeks of fresh water.  Fill your cupboards primarily with the stuff that you eat every day.  Don't forget the TP, extra batteries and other essential household supplies.

2.  Learn how to bake your own bread and have 3 months worth of ingredients.  You'll need an alternate way of baking bread too.  I have an ECO HERC oven by Titan Ready USA as well as a dutch oven either of which will bake bread very nicely.  I also have a stash of charcoal briquettes and tea light candles.

3.  Keep some cash on hand.  ATM's and banks do not have enough cash for everyone.  Most US dollars exist only as 'one's and zero's' in a computer.  If there's a problem with credit there will be a run on cash and you may not be able to get any.

4.  Trade some of your dollars for precious metals, silver in particular.  What good is cash in the bank when it earns you virtually no interest and is at risk of loss?  At the very least silver is an excellent way to preserve and store wealth.  Silver is highly undervalued at a time when all paper instruments are highly overvalued.  If you don't hold it you don't own it... and it just may go to the moon!

5.  Get everything in order.  If your car needs new tires or a new battery, don't hesitate any longer.   Take care of needed home repairs,  Get that surgery scheduled you have been in need of.  Do now what you may not be able to do later.    

6.  Have at least one firearm and an adequate supply of ammunition.  Learn how to be safe and proficient with it.

7.  Don't plan on taking any trips of any significant distance.  Plan on staying close to your home base.  Whenever I go anywhere my plan is based around the possibility that I may have to walk home.  So I carry with me what I would need.  I call it my bug-home bag.  If you do take a trip my advice is go prepared.  Plan on walking home.

8.  Consider your gas tank empty at 1/2 tank and have a 5 gallon can or two filled and stored in a safe place at home.

9.  Learn to do without... technology.  It could be a good time to print out those pictures that are precious to you that only exist digitally.  Print out important journals that you have saved only on your hard drive(s).  Build a physical library of important books and instruction manuals.

10.  Make sure you are out of the market or that you hold only what you really want and are willing to hang on to long term.  Anything that exists only as a paper asset or digitally is at risk.  Concentrate on building tangible physical assets rather than stock or bonds.

Most importantly, don't worry and don't stress.  Like I said before. Most likely nothing will happen of significant consequence BUT it is far better to be prepared than not.  Your preparations will give you peace of mind for you and your family.

There are many more things you can do to prepare.  This short list is just a few of the more critical ones.  Check out my previous blog posts to learn more of my advice.


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