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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Another exceptional product!  Who would have thought that a pillow shaped light could be this useful.  You may recognize this from the TV show Shark Tank.  LuminAid came all the way from Chicago to be a part of the PrepperCon.com Expo in SLC in April.  During the two day expo I am told that they sold out, a few times.  It's a great product with a great cause.  http://luminaid.com/pages/give-light-get-light

My son and I recently used this amazing lightweight rechargeable waterproof floating light on an overnight camp out.  Field testing is important, to say the least.  This is when you discover for yourself how well, or poorly something works for you in real life and discover how it bests fits your specific needs and methods.

I always carry a bright high quality rechargeable LED flashlight with me.  I use it for both work and as a defensive tool where a bright focused light is essential.  If you carry a firearm you should also carry a tactical flashlight.  I won't get into this topic now but I mean to use this example to illustrate that specific purpose built tools fill specific needs.  You should be prepared by having the right tools for your specific tasks.  I obviously wouldn't carry a LuminAid light with me to serve the very important purpose of defending myself but it wasn't made for that purpose.  Another very important need that must be met when the sun goes down or power goes out by whatever means is having a reliable, efficient, rechargeable source of light.  That is where this light fits right in.  It is comforting to have a source of light especially in a stressful time and especially for children.

To perform most tasks competently at home your eyes don't require much light.  A bright light, such as a tactical flashlight, could be considered a convenience but also a 'waste' of light or rather a waste of energy when it is most precious.  Most traditional flashlights focus their beam in a single direction making it necessary to wear a headlamp or stick a flashlight in your mouth to direct light where you need it.  This can also ruin your night vision which makes you continually dependent on bright light.

Diffusing light through an inflatable plastic bag is ingenious!  It makes this light easy to pack and lightweight and very effective at the same time.  The diffused light is bright enough for most tasks at a table, in a small room or tent.  I noticed that the diffused light eliminated bright spots and helped to protect my night vision making more chores easier in lower light levels.  The even light made reading pleasant and did not strain our eyes.  Because of the even light distribution we didn't have to continually adjust and re-adjust a flashlight to see properly.

Also, in an SHTF scenario one of the most important tactics you can employ is to stay undetected.  A bright flashlight waving around inside your home or at your bug-out location could be difficult to conceal while low diffused light would make revealing your presence much less of a concern.

The light can be hung from or strapped to a pack to facilitate charging during the day if you are on the move.

I have added a LuminAid Packlite 16 to my bag as a compliment to a tactical flashlight and headlamp.  Always carry at least three light sources along with extra batteries or rechargeable batteries and a way to recharge them.                    


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