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Friday, May 8, 2015

One simple way to save some money.

Like most anyone I HATE wasting money.  Here is one simple, inexpensive gadget you should have that I guarantee will save you some dough.

We are a family of 7 that has game consoles, flashlights, cameras, remote controls, child's toys, radios, smoke/CO2 detectors etc. that all require batteries.

I find that many of the devices we use that require batteries don't use all of the energy that a battery stores.  When, for example, a Wii remote stops working because it shows the batteries are exhausted, I will use this awesome little cheap battery tester that I got at Harbor Freight to see how much energy is still in any common battery.  I find that the batteries either still have about 1/2 of their capacity remaining or only one of them is weak or almost completely exhausted.  

There are plenty of simple electronics that don't require a full battery to function property such as LED flashlights, children's toys, TV remotes and many others.  So, when the digital camera won't work any more because the batteries are too low, but not completely spent, I will set them aside to be used in a flashlight or some other low priority device like a child's toy or flashlight.    

I use this battery meter to match up already used batteries, that have a comparable level of charge, and use them in a different devices until they are completely dead.  I figure that using a battery meter saves us one pack of batteries for each pack we buy effectively cutting what we spend on batteries in half, or better.

Yes, I do use rechargeable batteries too and this meter works on them as well. But frankly, rechargeable batteries suck.  I haven't yet found any that hold a charge for very long, or nearly as long as a typical alkaline battery or that don't loose their charge sitting on the shelf after they have been charged.

This is another kind of battery tester that is not as accurate but works fine.  You could also use a multimeter as well .

So, don't just assume that because your device no longer works that the batteries are completely dead.  Check them and re-use them.


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