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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

5 Gallon Buckets

There is one item that I do not see on many "Preppers" lists of items to stock up on.  This item I use on a regular basis and I can see many more uses for them than just my everyday uses.

The versatile lowly 5 gallon bucket.  Whenever I am at Home Depot or Wal-Mart and only need a few things I grab a 5 gallon bucket to use as my shopping basket.  They usually cost less than $3 and have a myriad of uses, especially in an emergency or SHTF situation so I recommend that you have several on hand.

Here is what I do and would use 5 gallon buckets for:

1.  Carrying supplies.
2.  Use it as a toolbox.
3.  Storing supplies/tools.
4.  Food storage. (use white food grade plastic buckets, not Home Depot buckets)
5.  As a garbage can.
6.  Yard work;  carrying soil, weeds, crops, etc.
7.  Mixing cement, plaster, etc.
8.  Growing plants.
9.  Catching Rainwater.
10.  Emergency toilet.  (There are lids and bags that are made specifically for this, but you could improvise.)
11.  Turn it over and use it as a seat.
12.  Washing clothes.
13.  Use a metal bucket as a fire pit. (You can usually get these from paint stores)
14.  My son keeps his Legos in camo 5 gallon buckets.
15.  Use them as weatherproof containers to stash supplies outdoors.  (Don't forget the lid.)

And there are many other daily and emergency uses.  


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