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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Should you use your gun to defend a stranger?

Here is an article by one of the few instructors that I follow.   If you decide or have already decided to conceal carry you need to consider this topic and train for it.


I agree with every aspect of this article.  You need to spend some time contemplating what your actions will be in various possible situations that may arise while you are out with your family or by yourself.  Have an understanding of what your spouse and kids will do if it is necessary for you to step into an event to defend another person.  When you see a news story on TV think about what you would have done in that situation.  Sometimes that answer should be to call 911 and not get involved otherwise.  Don't assume that you always need to take action but also don't assume that someone else will help so you don't 'have to'.  Those decision should already have been made before you decided to carry.


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