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Friday, January 23, 2015

Letter to Chris Duane

For those of you who don't know Chris Duane please take time to visit his sites at:

Dear Chris,

First, I want to say Thank You for your efforts to wake people up and teach the truth about many aspects of what is and has been going on in our world.  For me personally I have learned a great deal from you and appreciate all your hard work and your willingness to share.

I have never had confidence in nor the desire to invest in paper assets.  I have worked in Real Estate and construction most of my professional career.  All my life I have tended toward developing skills working with my hands and my God given talents.  I always have felt that I should have the tool before I needed it.  I have always tried to be the good friend even when others have not reciprocated.  Your mantra of "Real friends, Real skills and Real wealth" rings especially true with me.

In the last few years I have truly woken up, fully awake.  Not that I was ever really asleep but was more like in limbo.  Not involved in politics and not much of a 'prepper', just kind doing my own thing, trying to figure out myself.  Previously I was working a corporate job that, along with my family took most of my time.  I enjoyed the work, not the corporate 'life, but didn't have the time to pursue my personal dreams and aspirations.  Many things that I wanted to do, that I felt I needed to do, I just couldn't make happen on that path.  I walked away from that job and got back on the right course for me.  I admire that you pursue your passions and am doing the same myself.

I am writing you in particular concerning your Silver Shield podcast #1 and more specifically your closing thoughts of the podcast.  Overall I agree with most everything you said during this podcast and also your closing thoughts.  I always enjoy listening to you and appreciate your point of view.  I do have to disagree with you on a few points however. They may appear to be minor but they are very important to me and essential to all of us.

I understand your view on collectives.  Losing yourself for the benefit of others has its problems to say the least, I agree, but it can be a most excellent way to find yourself too.  Service does that.  Forgetting yourself and giving completely selfless service in a 'righteous' cause has it's place and time.  If you are serving the wrong cause or blindly following then I completely agree with you.  As communities pull together everyone is strengthened.  Inevitably some will benefit more than others and some will work harder than others.  The effort you give is what you get out of it.  Unlike Socialism the right kind of, what you could call a collective, or at least a collective effort, is completely voluntary and then you truly reap what you sow. Go ahead and call them 'blessings'.      Collectives as directed by governments are disastrous.  They must be directed by a 'higher power'.  Many people try, some succeed and others fail miserably but in many or even most cases, when not under the umbrella of government, the intent is good.  When not directed by God and inspiration they won't always work out.  That is why I surmise that the word 'collective' is a ugly word for you.  So, I do agree with you, but with one caveat.  Scrap the collectivism, unless truth and God is at the helm.  Yes, that is where I am going with this letter.  Perhaps I did not completely understand your comments about collectives but I don't think that you will disagree with me much about what I have said so far. Enough about this topic.

I do, however, think you may disagree with me on this next point.  Hopefully I can open your eyes at least a little, even as you have opened mine in many cases, and teach you another element of truth that can make an eternal difference.

Your comment that concerned me the most in your first podcast is when you said, at about 1:17 "...you don't have to look to God or look to some guru. The only thing you need is to look within yourself and believe in yourself."  While there is truth in this statement it is not entirely true.  You are, Chris, in many cases teaching actual eternal truths that you have learned for yourself.  I think this is outstanding!  I believe that you do have to look within yourself and not to the world or what the world is 'preaching'; but it is not the only thing.  Just as you have said, and as I have written on my white board  "Listen to all, follow none, walk your own path the best you can!"  It is significant enough for me to keep it up on my white board but I adapt it internally according to my knowledge.  I am sure that is exactly what you would expect everyone to do with whatever it is you say.

Truth is eternal.  If you follow truth it will never lead you astray.  Ever!  You are an inspired man!  I can tell that you are striving to know and follow truth.  I believe God inspires you.  This is why you have such an incredible following.  You say to look inside yourself to find the truth.  The truths that you have found and that you share with us are inspiration which is only meant for you.  Since you have chosen to share them it is now my turn to find out if what you say is true.  This is also received by each individual through inspiration, or call it revelation.  This inspiration, confirmation of truth, comes only from God.  This is exactly what he wants all of us to do.  We need to make the effort ourselves and then God will confirm truth.  It makes it a whole lot easier if we look to God.  Then, when you get that confirmation of truth, you can not deny it.

God wants to inspire us but he also wants us to ask for inspiration.  God is our Heavenly Father and he wants the best for us.  God is the creator of our spirits and worlds without end.  He wants us to figure out this crazy thing called life and wants to help us, but we have to ask.  This is how we progress.  He will give us truth if we want it bad enough and if we try hard enough.

Give it a try.  Test it out.  When you look within yourself to find truth ask God if he will reveal it to you.  If you have a sincere heart and real desire he will confirm truth.  If it is not true you will not get that confirmation but will have a stupor of thought.  You can feel it.  God sends his messenger The Holy Ghost to communicate with our spirits and our minds and he will let us know the truth of all things.  It takes some practice and you have to be sensitive to it as it will not usually be anything spectacular, but sometimes it just might.

Think about this, on an even more immense scale.  You know that black hole at the center of our universe?  Wanna know what it really is?!  Do you want to know that truth?  Follow God's plan and you will find out!

You're a good man Chris!  I look forward to your future work.  Let God into your life.  What you do has got to be incredibly hard without him!

Thanks for everything!


The podcast that I am referring to can be found here:  https://silvershieldxchange.com/content/silver-shield-xchange-1/


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