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Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 Predictions

I've never done this before but I'll try to go by my instinct and best interpret my feelings as to what I expect in 2015.

I do not proclaim to be an 'expert' on any of these topics or have any inside information.  I try to learn as much as I can, understand as many opinions as possible then formulate my own, relying on instinct and inspiration to articulate my vision.

The theme is "More of the same".  Not just the same world and economic events that we are seeing now repeating themselves but more numerous, more frequently and more intense.

1.  More money printing.  Although the Fed has said that their 'quantitative easing' program has ended I believe that it will start up again in some form.  Similar to Japans QE program this newest version will most likely be double or triple the amount it was said to be previously.  We might even see another stimulus program where the government sends out to all of the citizens, and probably the illegal aliens too, another big fat check.  The last one we got was $850.  I predict that the next check will be double or triple this amount.  The effect of this stimulus will be pitiful, even barely noticeable. 

2.  More job losses.  Despite all of the money printing more jobs will be lost as money printing primarily benefits the elite.  Low oil prices will continue through 2015 thus oil related businesses and services will be cutting costs.  This will have a ripple effect on the economy causing there to be less consumer spending.    

3.  More riots and civil unrest.  The most recent riots are said to have been racially motivated.  More events like this will continue to occur but we will also see other rioting motivated by rising food prices and government controls. 

4.  More wars and conflicts.  Now that the US has officially left Afghanistan and declared that the war is "over", the instability in this region will flare back up just like it did when the war was declared over in Iraq.    

The govt. will escalate the war in Iraq and Syria being more bold in their attacks and propaganda.  It appears to me that they are becoming impatient.  I believe that they will make a move so bold that will shake the American people and cause even the most liberal leftists to begin to question their government.  They will do this without Congressional approval and will attempt to blame it on someone else but it will be difficult to get away with it.  This will cause widespread uprising against the US government from within as well as from most of the world.  This event may involve Iran but will also have Russia and China very mad at Washington.

Once this event happens the US will come under consistent attack by terrorists organizations. This will cause the economy to collapse further as people will stay home and it will become too dangerous to be out unnecessarily.  Gangs will take advantage of the chaos and crime will increase dramatically. Martial law will be implemented in various cities at times throughout the country.

5.  Gun rights and other constitutional rights will be attacked and diminished.   The UN firearms treaty will become law in 2015 however unconstitutional it most definitely is.  The government considers the US Constitution to be outdated anyway.  False flag gun violence will continue until this is accomplished.  Bans, registration and voluntary confiscations will begin.

6.  An Ebola epidemic will begin in the US.  The media would have you believe that Ebola is on its way out.  This is far from the truth.  It continues to spread worldwide and there are cases in the US that no one is talking about.

7.  More large banks will again fail.  This will further consolidate banking power into just a few of the most powerful 'too big to fail' banks.  Expect more than one banking holiday if not even a full week or two of banks being closed to 're-structure'.    

8.  The US dollar on the verge of total collapse.  All but just a few countries will have stopped trading  with us and accepting payments in US dollars.  Dollars will primarily be used only in the USA.  US bonds will continue to be cashed in by our creditors and dollars will flood back into the US causing hyperinflation.  

9.  Gold becomes the new currency standard worldwide.  The value of gold and silver will spike dramatically once the US dollar no longer stands as the world reserve currency.  Those who hold gold or silver become wealthy overnight.

10.  The stock market will not only continue it's volatility but will see more extreme daily highs and lows.  Before a major market adjustment happens the DOW will reach upward of 22,000.  The rise will come quickly with the fall even more so, adjusting downward below 6,500 and will then continue to fall slowly from there.  

Ok, I admit, this may not all happen in 2015 but the reality is that they could.  We should consider that these events are probable and prepare accordingly.    


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