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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Should you use your gun to defend a stranger?

Here is an article by one of the few instructors that I follow.   If you decide or have already decided to conceal carry you need to consider this topic and train for it.


I agree with every aspect of this article.  You need to spend some time contemplating what your actions will be in various possible situations that may arise while you are out with your family or by yourself.  Have an understanding of what your spouse and kids will do if it is necessary for you to step into an event to defend another person.  When you see a news story on TV think about what you would have done in that situation.  Sometimes that answer should be to call 911 and not get involved otherwise.  Don't assume that you always need to take action but also don't assume that someone else will help so you don't 'have to'.  Those decision should already have been made before you decided to carry.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Letter to Chris Duane

For those of you who don't know Chris Duane please take time to visit his sites at:

Dear Chris,

First, I want to say Thank You for your efforts to wake people up and teach the truth about many aspects of what is and has been going on in our world.  For me personally I have learned a great deal from you and appreciate all your hard work and your willingness to share.

I have never had confidence in nor the desire to invest in paper assets.  I have worked in Real Estate and construction most of my professional career.  All my life I have tended toward developing skills working with my hands and my God given talents.  I always have felt that I should have the tool before I needed it.  I have always tried to be the good friend even when others have not reciprocated.  Your mantra of "Real friends, Real skills and Real wealth" rings especially true with me.

In the last few years I have truly woken up, fully awake.  Not that I was ever really asleep but was more like in limbo.  Not involved in politics and not much of a 'prepper', just kind doing my own thing, trying to figure out myself.  Previously I was working a corporate job that, along with my family took most of my time.  I enjoyed the work, not the corporate 'life, but didn't have the time to pursue my personal dreams and aspirations.  Many things that I wanted to do, that I felt I needed to do, I just couldn't make happen on that path.  I walked away from that job and got back on the right course for me.  I admire that you pursue your passions and am doing the same myself.

I am writing you in particular concerning your Silver Shield podcast #1 and more specifically your closing thoughts of the podcast.  Overall I agree with most everything you said during this podcast and also your closing thoughts.  I always enjoy listening to you and appreciate your point of view.  I do have to disagree with you on a few points however. They may appear to be minor but they are very important to me and essential to all of us.

I understand your view on collectives.  Losing yourself for the benefit of others has its problems to say the least, I agree, but it can be a most excellent way to find yourself too.  Service does that.  Forgetting yourself and giving completely selfless service in a 'righteous' cause has it's place and time.  If you are serving the wrong cause or blindly following then I completely agree with you.  As communities pull together everyone is strengthened.  Inevitably some will benefit more than others and some will work harder than others.  The effort you give is what you get out of it.  Unlike Socialism the right kind of, what you could call a collective, or at least a collective effort, is completely voluntary and then you truly reap what you sow. Go ahead and call them 'blessings'.      Collectives as directed by governments are disastrous.  They must be directed by a 'higher power'.  Many people try, some succeed and others fail miserably but in many or even most cases, when not under the umbrella of government, the intent is good.  When not directed by God and inspiration they won't always work out.  That is why I surmise that the word 'collective' is a ugly word for you.  So, I do agree with you, but with one caveat.  Scrap the collectivism, unless truth and God is at the helm.  Yes, that is where I am going with this letter.  Perhaps I did not completely understand your comments about collectives but I don't think that you will disagree with me much about what I have said so far. Enough about this topic.

I do, however, think you may disagree with me on this next point.  Hopefully I can open your eyes at least a little, even as you have opened mine in many cases, and teach you another element of truth that can make an eternal difference.

Your comment that concerned me the most in your first podcast is when you said, at about 1:17 "...you don't have to look to God or look to some guru. The only thing you need is to look within yourself and believe in yourself."  While there is truth in this statement it is not entirely true.  You are, Chris, in many cases teaching actual eternal truths that you have learned for yourself.  I think this is outstanding!  I believe that you do have to look within yourself and not to the world or what the world is 'preaching'; but it is not the only thing.  Just as you have said, and as I have written on my white board  "Listen to all, follow none, walk your own path the best you can!"  It is significant enough for me to keep it up on my white board but I adapt it internally according to my knowledge.  I am sure that is exactly what you would expect everyone to do with whatever it is you say.

Truth is eternal.  If you follow truth it will never lead you astray.  Ever!  You are an inspired man!  I can tell that you are striving to know and follow truth.  I believe God inspires you.  This is why you have such an incredible following.  You say to look inside yourself to find the truth.  The truths that you have found and that you share with us are inspiration which is only meant for you.  Since you have chosen to share them it is now my turn to find out if what you say is true.  This is also received by each individual through inspiration, or call it revelation.  This inspiration, confirmation of truth, comes only from God.  This is exactly what he wants all of us to do.  We need to make the effort ourselves and then God will confirm truth.  It makes it a whole lot easier if we look to God.  Then, when you get that confirmation of truth, you can not deny it.

God wants to inspire us but he also wants us to ask for inspiration.  God is our Heavenly Father and he wants the best for us.  God is the creator of our spirits and worlds without end.  He wants us to figure out this crazy thing called life and wants to help us, but we have to ask.  This is how we progress.  He will give us truth if we want it bad enough and if we try hard enough.

Give it a try.  Test it out.  When you look within yourself to find truth ask God if he will reveal it to you.  If you have a sincere heart and real desire he will confirm truth.  If it is not true you will not get that confirmation but will have a stupor of thought.  You can feel it.  God sends his messenger The Holy Ghost to communicate with our spirits and our minds and he will let us know the truth of all things.  It takes some practice and you have to be sensitive to it as it will not usually be anything spectacular, but sometimes it just might.

Think about this, on an even more immense scale.  You know that black hole at the center of our universe?  Wanna know what it really is?!  Do you want to know that truth?  Follow God's plan and you will find out!

You're a good man Chris!  I look forward to your future work.  Let God into your life.  What you do has got to be incredibly hard without him!

Thanks for everything!


The podcast that I am referring to can be found here:  https://silvershieldxchange.com/content/silver-shield-xchange-1/

Friday, January 16, 2015

Real Estate market in 2015

My full time profession is as a Realtor and property manager.    Below is a link to the National Board of Realtors 2015 housing market forecast.

As a real estate professional I hope for the the best but as a prepared guy expect the worst. Just as I suspected this report is full of misinformation.  I am sure that Mr. Yun is only using the data that is provided to him by the 'authorities', by US government reporting.  We know for a fact that most if not all statistics reported by our wonderful US government are manipulated or at the very least 'massaged'.  Those of us who get our news from other channels outside of the mainstream media hear much the opposite of what the government is telling us.

Before you watch this video you need to have an understanding of the following:

1.  GDP growth has been adjusted and re-adjusted to suit the needs of those adjusting it.  The rules have been changed in order to make this number appear favorable when, if they were following the old rules of collecting and reporting this data. the truth is that GDP growth is not positive.

2.  The US government has continued to report that the unemployment  rate in the USA is dropping.  This is FALSE.  Again, the rules have been changed in order to manipulate this number.  Groups like 'Shadow Stats' who do their own calculations according to decades old practices tell us that real unemployment is closer to 24%.

3.  Mr. Yun states that many people believe that money printing and low interest rates typically weaken the dollar but that is not what is currently happening and thus is not true.  The dollar has been strengthening despite the quantitative easing and low interest rates but not for the right reasons.  The fact is that the US dollar appears to be strong right now because most every other currency in the world is falling dramatically.  This does not mean that the dollar is strong.  It means that the world financial system is royally screwed up.

4.  Mr. Yun states that inflation is subdued.  Of course this statement is based upon the governments made up stats.  This is untrue.  Again, Shadow Stats and other reputable watchdog businesses figure that real inflation is more like 9%,  I am sure that you all can feel the inflation in your budgets as well.  Right now gas prices are the exception.  This is due to deflation.  The understanding of when deflation and inflation occurs is complex.  Many experts disagree on what is happening.  I attribute this again to the extreme mess not only the US financial system is in but the condition of the entire worlds financial status.

5.  Confidence is up.  Ok.  This may be true, but only for those who have good jobs and can't miss an episode of the Kardashians. (I don't know if I spelled that right but frankly I don't care.)   92 Million Americans are out of the workforce and are not being counted by the US govt as unemployed.  That's a lot of less than confident people!   Confidence is manipulated by propaganda.  Our government is spewing out propaganda through false information which increases confidence and affects reports and forecasts like this one.  Don't be fooled.  Do your own research and evaluate your own personal situation.          

6.  Mr. Yun states that relaxing underwriting standards, or getting them back to 'normal' will help the market.  What he is referring to are the lending standards before the housing crash that were so loose they crashed the housing market.  These are not normal standards.  Normal standards are when you actually had to have a considerable down payment (like 10% to 20%) to be able to buy a home thus weeding out people who really couldn't afford to own a home. Stated income loans were not normal and neither are adjustable rate mortgages.


The real estate market conditions vary greatly throughout the country.  It is doing very poorly in some areas and outstanding in others.  Where you live will depend upon what your plan should be. Despite the real world conditions my conclusion is this; there is never a better time to buy or sell then right now. If you need to move closer to your work... don't hesitate any longer.  If you need to downsize or upgrade, don't hesitate.  If you need to stop renting and get into your own home, now is the time.  Interests rates will never be any better.  Lending terms may loosen up some but if you can't get qualified now you probably shouldn't be a homeowner.

Consider getting a 15 year loan instead of a 30 year loan.  If you can't afford the home with a payment amortized over 15 years you probably shouldn't buy it.  Just like automobile loans that use to be only 2 years in length they have been stretched out to 6 years so that manufacturers can sell more cars and make more money.  If you can't afford a car payment amortized over 2 years you probably can't really afford the car.  Lending has not loosened to help us average people out,  It is only to help the banks and manufacturers make more money.

Now why would a real estate professional be telling you all of these things?  You say it will probably hurt my real estate business?  You are probably right but my business is not to make money.  My business is to be of service to my fellowmen.  I would not encourage you to buy a home if you truly can't afford it even if you may qualify for a loan.  If you are in the market to buy or sell property I'd love to help.  You can learn more about me at www.patriotrealtor.blogspot.com 

Friday, January 9, 2015


April 24-25 at the South Town Expo Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.   Sure to be the coolest prepper event in the country!  Don't miss it!  I'll be there!

Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 Predictions

I've never done this before but I'll try to go by my instinct and best interpret my feelings as to what I expect in 2015.

I do not proclaim to be an 'expert' on any of these topics or have any inside information.  I try to learn as much as I can, understand as many opinions as possible then formulate my own, relying on instinct and inspiration to articulate my vision.

The theme is "More of the same".  Not just the same world and economic events that we are seeing now repeating themselves but more numerous, more frequently and more intense.

1.  More money printing.  Although the Fed has said that their 'quantitative easing' program has ended I believe that it will start up again in some form.  Similar to Japans QE program this newest version will most likely be double or triple the amount it was said to be previously.  We might even see another stimulus program where the government sends out to all of the citizens, and probably the illegal aliens too, another big fat check.  The last one we got was $850.  I predict that the next check will be double or triple this amount.  The effect of this stimulus will be pitiful, even barely noticeable. 

2.  More job losses.  Despite all of the money printing more jobs will be lost as money printing primarily benefits the elite.  Low oil prices will continue through 2015 thus oil related businesses and services will be cutting costs.  This will have a ripple effect on the economy causing there to be less consumer spending.    

3.  More riots and civil unrest.  The most recent riots are said to have been racially motivated.  More events like this will continue to occur but we will also see other rioting motivated by rising food prices and government controls. 

4.  More wars and conflicts.  Now that the US has officially left Afghanistan and declared that the war is "over", the instability in this region will flare back up just like it did when the war was declared over in Iraq.    

The govt. will escalate the war in Iraq and Syria being more bold in their attacks and propaganda.  It appears to me that they are becoming impatient.  I believe that they will make a move so bold that will shake the American people and cause even the most liberal leftists to begin to question their government.  They will do this without Congressional approval and will attempt to blame it on someone else but it will be difficult to get away with it.  This will cause widespread uprising against the US government from within as well as from most of the world.  This event may involve Iran but will also have Russia and China very mad at Washington.

Once this event happens the US will come under consistent attack by terrorists organizations. This will cause the economy to collapse further as people will stay home and it will become too dangerous to be out unnecessarily.  Gangs will take advantage of the chaos and crime will increase dramatically. Martial law will be implemented in various cities at times throughout the country.

5.  Gun rights and other constitutional rights will be attacked and diminished.   The UN firearms treaty will become law in 2015 however unconstitutional it most definitely is.  The government considers the US Constitution to be outdated anyway.  False flag gun violence will continue until this is accomplished.  Bans, registration and voluntary confiscations will begin.

6.  An Ebola epidemic will begin in the US.  The media would have you believe that Ebola is on its way out.  This is far from the truth.  It continues to spread worldwide and there are cases in the US that no one is talking about.

7.  More large banks will again fail.  This will further consolidate banking power into just a few of the most powerful 'too big to fail' banks.  Expect more than one banking holiday if not even a full week or two of banks being closed to 're-structure'.    

8.  The US dollar on the verge of total collapse.  All but just a few countries will have stopped trading  with us and accepting payments in US dollars.  Dollars will primarily be used only in the USA.  US bonds will continue to be cashed in by our creditors and dollars will flood back into the US causing hyperinflation.  

9.  Gold becomes the new currency standard worldwide.  The value of gold and silver will spike dramatically once the US dollar no longer stands as the world reserve currency.  Those who hold gold or silver become wealthy overnight.

10.  The stock market will not only continue it's volatility but will see more extreme daily highs and lows.  Before a major market adjustment happens the DOW will reach upward of 22,000.  The rise will come quickly with the fall even more so, adjusting downward below 6,500 and will then continue to fall slowly from there.  

Ok, I admit, this may not all happen in 2015 but the reality is that they could.  We should consider that these events are probable and prepare accordingly.    

The purpose of this site is to provide you with information about what I have learned, my experience, and what my motivations are as a Prepared Guy. I have always felt driven to be ready for any situation by something powerful deep inside me. Being prepared has always served me well. I feel compelled to help others do the same.
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