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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Are you intense?!

Unless you are fully comfortable in your preparations it is time to get serious!  It is time to get intense!

What do I mean by intense?  Let me give you a few examples:

If you aren't already doing so... save 10% of your income or more if you can.  Keep cash on hand.  Make your money work for you.  Invest it in physical assets; in essential items.  Save it in precious metals.  Put it into income producing real property like residential rental property.  Start a business and put it into your inventory. a hard asset that is an essential everyday need.  

Keep your cash out of the bank!  How much interest do they pay you anyway .125% to maybe .25%?!  It's not worth the risk.  Get it out of the bank!  Keep only the cash you need to pay bills in the bank.  Pay cash for everything else. 

Complete your 1 year supply of food storage asap!  3 months of everyday supplies to keep in your pantry, 6 to 9 months of bulk grains, oats, rice, beans, etc. and 3 to 6 months of freeze dried/dehydrated meals for easy preparation and as much water storage as you can (at least 2 - 4 weeks) with a plan on how you are going to get more.   

Don't forget the other supplies you need such as medications and medical supplies, sanitary supplies, flashlights, batteries, etc., etc. etc.  Many of these items do not expire so you can build up a years supply over time but have at least 3 months worth.  Possibly even stock up on some of these items in excess of what you will need so as to use them for bartering. 

Have at least one firearm and know how to use it competently and safely.  Train your family as well.  Keep at least 500 rounds of ammo for each weapon.  Practice often, keep your ammo supply up and add to it as you can.  Learn how to clean and fix your weapon and have spare parts for it.  As the saying goes; " Beware of the man who only has one gun.  He probably knows how to use it."  

Get some silver!  It's dirt cheap right now and its true value is immensely higher!  In a crisis it may be extremely valuable or it may be worth nothing as you can't eat silver.  So, have at least 12 - 24 oz. of silver just in case.  If silver reaches it's true value you'll be extremely glad you did.  If it does not, then you won't feel too bad and you'll have something that you can pass down to your kids in hopes that someday it will reach it's true value for them.  Regardless, it is highly likely that it will increase in value significantly.   

Stop eating out as often!  Think of it this way: that burger, fries and a drink you just paid $8 for could have bought you nearly 1/2 oz. of silver!  That's pay for about five full days of hard labor at the true value of silver!  Was it worth it?  The more often you compare the real value of silver to the current price of goods and services today the more you will realize how expensive everything is.    

Get out and stay out of debt!  I know this is hard, especially while attempting to build up your supplies and savings.  Although a trip to Disneyland would be a great time to create memories with the family DO NOT put that trip on a credit card!  Pay cash or don't go.  Cut up your cards and don't ever use them!  Period! Make due or do without. 

Be observant. Realize that our current economic system could quite literally crash at any moment. There are also numerous other events that can occur without any indication or advanced warning.  This means that you need to be ready now and wherever you go.  Keep a 'get-home' bag in your vehicle and other supplies you may need.

Turn off the TV!  There is a lot of good programming on TV but there is even more junk, propaganda and brainwashing/programming being done that is harmful for you and your children.  Sometimes this can be hard to distinguish.  From Disney channel to the major news networks don't believe everything or maybe even anything that you hear or accept what they are attempting to 'teach' you.  Scrutinize and criticize everything, including alternative media sources.  Come up with your own conclusions and make your own decisions.  Don't let the media unduly influence what you really feel is true and right.

Become physically fit.  Being overweight, unhealthy and 'out of shape' could but most likely would be a detriment to your survival in a difficult situation.  A survival or stressful situation will be physically demanding.  If you are healthy and fit your comfort level will rise and your stress level will drop and you will be able to benefit you family and community greatly.  If you are not overweight or unhealthy but not 'fit' you could potentially injure yourself in an emergency or at a minimum be less effective.  Get fit and you'll thrive when others are struggling.

Make tough decisions now.  Do you know where you'll go if you have to get out of town and how you'll get your family and supplies there?  Have you already decided when you'd leave?  Are you aware of any unique potential 'dangers' where you live?

Secure your home.  Have more than just deadbolts on your exterior doors.  Install locking window well covers on your basements windows and security films on your main floor windows and glass doors.  Don't delay performing repairs to your home.  If it's time to get a new roof, get it done now, while you can.  Save some money and do this work yourself.  Build some working shutters to add an additional layer of protection to your windows.

Don't be shy.  Talk to your family, friends, neighbors, friendly cashiers, taxi driver, accountant, hairdresser, and whomever you get the chance to speak with.  Yes you risk looking like a 'nut' but if you really believe that hard times are coming you need to warn everybody about it.  Just plant the seed.  If it takes root within them and it grows they will then begin to wake up to the awful condition of our world and start to do something about it.  This will not happen with everyone.  I am confident that many of you have already experienced this.  Some catch on immediately, others get it but will take a while before they take action but only a small percentage will think you're crazy.  As I speak to people daily it seem to me that they know there are strange things happening but really don't know what to think of it.  A short conversation could get them on their way.

Use your time wisely!  Every minute of every day is precious to me.  The days, weeks and years fly by!  My kids keep getting older, someday they'll move out and I won't see them everyday.  If I hesitate even for a moment that moment is gone and will never come back.  Take time now to do what is most important.  Being prepared is not for me, it's for them.  My greatest satisfaction is knowing that I am doing my best to take care of and prepare my family.  That's what i'm in this for.  Don't waste a minute! Whether it's gathering knowledge, working hard at your job or grocery shopping.  Get intense!    

Are you spiritually prepared?  I'm a religious guy.  We are raising our family with a belief in Christ, living by his teachings, and are preparing for his 2nd coming.  We are in the last few seconds of the last minute before his coming by the way.  The physical preparations are important, at least if you want to be around to actually see Christ return is his glory.  I know that I do!  This is the purpose of our physical preparations.  I anticipate that this will be difficult.  I'm sure that it will be far more difficult than I can imagine.  However, if we die, we die unto the Lord but if we live we also live unto the Lord.  I choose for me and my family to live unto the Lord.  Those who are spiritually prepared will be protected and blessed, especially in these last day.  Being spiritually prepared means a lot of things which I will expound upon in a future blog post.  But specifically it means that we will be Christlike.  If and when we need to share our preparations, even though it may be to our detriment, we will take care of others.      

Don't give up!  Be consistent with your savings and your preps. Continue on the course of becoming self-sufficient.  It's not too late to start and it's better to be 7 years too early than 1 day too late.       


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