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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Non-traditional construction methods

There are many ways to build a home and all kinds of different materials to build it with.  Just because most everyone builds homes using the traditional method of stick framing do not feel that you have to do it the same way.  The benefits to building with traditional lumber are the cost, availability, ease, and convenience.  But there are many negatives to building with sticks including fire danger, durability, maintenance, longevity and security.  I won't expound on these topics but just keep in mind that there are better ways to build a home that are low maintenance, durable, inexpensive, strong, secure and resistant to fire, rot and insects.

Here is a system that I have used in the past to build homes.   http://www.tridipanel.com/   It is cost effective and has been used in areas all over the world where tropical storms are a big concern because structures built using this system will survive high winds, floods and other natural disasters.  Typically a home built using this system will qualify for traditional financing whereas homes built using the monolithic dome construction method usually do not.  http://www.monolithic.org/   Both use gunnite/shotcrete and become monolith structures with incredible strength and high R-factor (insulation).

Another great way that is relatively easy, fast and provides a secure and inexpensive way to build a place to live, whether you call or consider it your home, cabin, shelter, shed, shack, get-away, etc. is to build it using an international shipping container.  Where and how you live will dictate exactly how you build it.  It can be done very cheap or very expensive.  The main benefit of using a shipping container is; once it is dropped off at your location you instantly have a virtually indestructible shelter already in place.

Shipping containers are stacked up to 8 high when traveling across the ocean and can be loaded with as much as 80,000 lbs each.  For this reason they are built to be so incredibly durable.  You will need some somewhat specific tools and skills in order to cut, weld and otherwise modify a metal shipping container to make window and door openings.  There are many ways to finish the inside of a shipping container to make it more comfortable and livable.  The climate you live in will determine what the best way is to go about this.  You could use a single 20' or 40' container to construct what I refer to as a 'shelter' home or tiny home or combine multiples of either to build your own custom creation.  There are many resources online for you to educate and instruct yourself including my own site that I continue to update.  http://www.utahcontainerhomes.com/   In the near future I will be building one of my own and will show you my step-by-step process.

At this time I am not yet aware of any traditional financing available for homes built using shipping containers although I have been told that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are currently working on fixing this.  In the mean time you may have to get creative with your financing methods.  

There are many other excellent ways to build that I think are great including using logs, SIP's (structural insulated panels) and ICF's  (insulated concrete forms) that would qualify for conventional financing.  Before you build your new home, guest house or off-grid cabin it is my recommendation that you take a look at some of these alternative construction methods before giving in to the traditional and inferior stick framed home.

I am sure that you have all seen what happens to a stick framed home when it is subjected to a natural disaster whether it be a hurricane or tornado, flood, earthquake or fire.  It doesn't usually make it.  Choosing a superior non-traditional construction method for your new home could ensure the survival of your home as well as your family.



I think it interesting that some homes built in a traditional manner are less likely to survive high winds, floods and other natural disasters. This is something that definitely does make Americans wonder if they need to redesign their homes, and reconstruct their homes. I would like to know more about how to build a sturdier home. custom built homes

Paige. We (Americans) have become stuck in this same way of building the same old stick framed homes because they just don't know any better. The home builder market is very competitive which means that the low price is typically the leader. Because of the way the majority of people live everything that we buy has become pretty much disposable, including homes. This is very sad and is working to our detriment. There are more and more people looking for and building non-typical homes to their benefit. Take a look at the tridipanel web site. If you want a home that looks like other typical homes but is much superior this is a great system but you can also do pretty much whatever else you can imagine with it.

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