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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Economic Understanding

Over the past few years I have been doing my best to educate myself and to understand where we are right now as to the economy and why.  There are a lot of great videos out there but I recently found these two very easy to understand and enlightening.



My advise to you is to take some time to review more of Mike Maloney's videos.


I am not, nor have I every been, very interested or involved in the stock market or the financial world for that matter.  Several years ago I opened an E-trade account and gave it a go because I saw plenty of people making plenty of money at it, but I had no passion for it.  There was always something that held me back and I remained skeptical.  Back then I was very much in the dark about... well, most everything economical and political.  Now, because of what I have learned, I see that everything is being manipulated; stocks, bonds, gold, silver, politics, banking, lending, etc, etc.  I had been brainwashed as to how to live my life; in debt and in the dark.  Without debt the wheel that is the US economy does not turn.  Without the light of knowledge we get stuck in the debt paradigm.    

There are many that would tell you that it is a good time to be in the stock market; that there is a lot of money to be made.  They are probably right but there are no more free markets, only manipulations.  

If you take the time to learn about what is really happening in the financial world you will better understand my position.  I didn't truly understand my stance on avoiding the stock market until my eyes were opened as to the truly awful state our nation is in.  Now I get it.  Now I understand that my intuition was right.  Maybe there is money to be made but at what cost?  Will you compromise your integrity for the chance to make a quick buck in an immoral and corrupt system?

If you don't hold it you don't own it!  Even if you hold a stock certificate it is only paper.  Real money is only gold and silver.  Real wealth only exists in physical assets.

Although I have learned a wealth of knowledge concerning the US economy and how the US and world financial systems work over the last few years I do not pretend to be an expert so I will end my advice here.  There are plenty of other resources for you to consult for this kind of information.   Mike Maloney is a great place to start.  If you feel, like I did, that there was and is something just not right with the financial world, I am here to tell you and confirm to you that your feelings are correct.

Work hard, stay out of debt, save a 10th and give away a 10th and you will become financially successful.  You don't have to gamble with your money by putting it in risky investments.  Look for low risk investments that pay a fair return and let your savings work for you.


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