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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Back Doors, Rabbit Trails and Losing Tails

There are small things that you can do every day, wherever you go, to help ensure your safety.  I am especially cognizant when my family or others under my stewardship are with me.  Simply by being aware and keeping your eyes open, instead of glued to your smart device, you can minimize potential dangers all around you.

Ask any of my kids what I mean by a 'back door' and they'll tell you.  We don't always take the obvious and most accessible route wherever we go.  Say, for example, we are going to get groceries.  There is usually a back way to get where we are going other than by the main entrance where most of the traffic is.  This mostly applies when driving but can also include, for example, using the lawn and garden or automotive shop entrance at the Wal-Mart.  Staying away from large groups of people can reduce your exposure to dangerous possibilities.  Having alternate escape routes can also give you the advantage if you need to exit quickly should anything happen.  The route may take longer but we generally encounter less traffic and fewer people which makes the trip more pleasing or at least less aggravating.

When in public areas you can be an unsuspecting target whether you're at a farmers market, the mall or a sporting event.  As a fiercely protective father of my teenage daughters I suspect everyone of having bad intentions. Laying down a rabbit trail can help to identify those who could be a danger to us.  This is really just about being alert and observant.  I am a very efficient shopper.  Being efficient with my time and travel takes me directly from the produce to the dairy to the bread isle and then exactly where I need to go next to get only what is on my list without doubling back for something missed.  Being this focused can make it easy to be targeted.  To employ a rabbit trail is completely the opposite of being efficient.  It is more like being the casual shopper doing lots of window shopping.  If you suspect that someone is following you take time to 'window shop'  while casually surveying your surroundings.  This will give you the ability to observe others without making it obvious to whomever may by targeting you.  Repeat this several times, jumping around to different spots while noticing the people around you.  Thus, we call it a rabbit trail.  This may make someone stand out to you who could be more interested in what's in your or your wife's purse than 25% off ground beef.

I do my best to be a hard target.  To be the gray man.  Standing out by wearing 'loud' clothing is just the opposite.  Wearing the color gray, and other muted colors, is an effective way not to attract attention.  It is necessary to have the training and tools to protect yourself but it is better to stay unnoticed and un-targeted.  The guaranteed way to survive a gun fight is avoid one altogether.  I'm not saying that there will never be a time or a need to stand up and fight.  You should train and be prepared for as many possibilities as you are able but you're going to be better off by avoiding trouble.

Here is a link to a short article about what to do if you are being followed.  Good, simple and effective techniques.  Guys, make sure the women in your life read this too!



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