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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Choose to Be Prepared.

With the anniversary of 9/11 very near the propaganda concerning a possible terrorist attack in the USA is obvious and blatant from the mainstream media.  While the possibility of another major terrorist attack similar to or larger than that of 9/11 is real and most definitely possible those who are prepared do not need to fear.  Here are my recommendations as to what you should do to prepare for this possibility as well as any other incident.

1.  Have some cash on hand and out of the bank.  I recommend that you have at least a few weeks worth of cash on hand for necessities.  Events like the 9/11 attacks can interrupt banking and make it difficult or impossible to make basic purchases.

2.  Keep your gas tanks full on all your vehicles. At the very least don't let them get below a half tank.  Have a few 5 gallon gas cans filled and stored in a safe place.  Rotate this fuel regularly or use a stabilizer so that it does not become stale.

3.  Get your grocery shopping done early.  Stock up on your daily supplies so that you can hunker down at home if you really need to.  Staying out of public places decreases your exposure and vulnerability.

4..  Stay close to home.  If you are a business professional and find yourself traveling a lot I recommend that you don't schedule meetings requiring you to travel.  Plan on working at the office or even take a few days off before and after the 11th.  Take this time to enjoy being with your family at home.  Stay out of public places; especially high profile locations or other events with large crowds such as sporting events.

5.  Keep your eyes open.  Keep the radio on to your favorite news channel and be observant.
6.  Make sure your vehicle is stocked up on essential items.  Take a look at my EDC (Every day carry) blog post and adjust it for your needs and area you live.

7.  Be prepared to help others.  Since you are reading this i'm pretty sure that you can take care of yourself and do not depend on others for your safety and well being.  The opportunity for you to help others will be greatest in an emergency.  There is little more fulfilling in life then helping others who can not help themselves.  We find ourselves at our best and learn the most about our life, our earthly existence and about ourselves when we are in the service of others!  Be ready!  To some this advice may sound selfish, to help others for our own benefit, but I assure you that it is not.  Service to others can help heal wounds caused by traumatic events.

I don't feel that any of these recommendations are extreme precautions but rather common sense solutions to everyday situations that may arise with a few extra steps for extenuating circumstances.  I'm sure that many would say to carry on with life as normal; to not let the threat of danger effect our lifestyle, and that if we don't continue on as normal then the terrorists have achieved their purposes.  This may all be true.  However, it does not hurt anything to be prepared nor does it give power to our enemies but rather takes it away.

If you choose to go to an event, be prepared to know how to get you and your family out quickly and safely.
If you choose to travel a long way from home, be prepared to get yourself back.
If you choose to live with your tank and cupboards near empty be prepared to deal with the effects.

The beauty of this life is that you get to choose for yourself what you will do.  My advice to you: choose to be prepared.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Warning shot

Today I watched the morning post by Suspicious0bservers on YouTube as I usually do.  You can find the link below.  There was a massive solar eruption on the back side of the sun yesterday.  Even though this solar flare was not aimed toward earth it was so large that it weakened our magnetosphere and bombarded us with protons.  I am taking this was a warning sign; a shot across the bow.  Be prepared and watchful.


The purpose of this site is to provide you with information about what I have learned, my experience, and what my motivations are as a Prepared Guy. I have always felt driven to be ready for any situation by something powerful deep inside me. Being prepared has always served me well. I feel compelled to help others do the same.
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