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Monday, August 25, 2014

Scrounging, The art of

Ok, maybe it's not an art.  But it's definitely an acquired skill.  I don't hear much if anything about this topic yet I consider it to be an important skill or trait of a prepper.

For those of you whom are experienced preppers the art of scrounging is already second nature.  You always have your eyes open for things of value that others probably don't readily recognize.  Those of you who don't really know what i'm referring to allow me to shed some light on the subject.

What I mean by scrounging is to acquire something from any available source by salvaging or foraging through items that are discarded or unwanted.  What I don't mean by scrounging is stealing or looting.

A part of my bug-out or bug-home bag is an additional bag that is durable and stowable to be used to collect other items that you may come across that would be of value when SHTF.

Here is a short list of items that would be plentiful that I would keep my eyes open for when making my way back home or to a bug-out location.

Tinder. (dry grass, bark, paper, rags, etc.) - Add a large heavy duty zip-lock bag to your pack to collect fire making materials as you go.
Lead tire weights.  Depending highly upon the situation, you can easily salvage many things from abandoned automobiles as you go.  Lead tire weights can be melted and used to cast bullets for those of you who reload or if you know someone who reloads it can be a good asset to barter with.
Car batteries.  Although these are much too heavy to carry long distances you should think about salvaging car batteries. You can use them in conjunction with an inverter to recharge other batteries, power small appliances, lights, etc.  You should have a solar panel and charge controller or other generator to charge a car battery.  Be careful!  Car batteries are very dangerous if shorted out between the positive and negative posts.  Try to protect/insulate at least one of them to minimize the danger.  Keep a small folding dolly and a wrench in the back of your vehicle so you can take your own battery with you if you should become stranded.
Water bottles.  Pretty much every where I go, even in remote places where it seems like no one has ever been, I find empty plastic bottles.  Use these to collect water that you may find along the way.  They can be filled up and left in the sun to allow the suns UV rays to purify contaminated water.  Keep your eyes open for other kinds of containers that would be useful for carrying water or other wild edible plants that you may find along your way.
Rope/Cord.  A myriad of uses.  Carry as much as you can.  Learn some good knots if you don't already.
Plastic bags.  Easy to carry and have lots of uses.

The next time you see a homeless person carrying a large backpack or pushing a shopping cart notice the items that they have collected.  These items would be useful to you as well.

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