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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Be at a constant state of readiness.

The time has come, or rather, the time has long since come to be ready for whatever may come our way.   Being at a constant state of readiness and being in a constant state of readiness are two different things.  Knowing that there is a need to always be prepared for any given situation, as GI Joe says, "is half the battle."  Since you are reading my thoughts on this subject you are half way there, kind of.  Hopefully you are also researching the other local and world wide conditions that could effect your need to be at and in a state of readiness. Being in the right state of mind is knowledge which is power.  Having the supplies you need and having the right knowledge is being at a state of readiness.

Brothers and Sisters, Ladies and Gentlemen; it is time to be at a constant state of readiness.  World, government and environmental conditions dictate that this should be so.  For you to count on anyone other than yourself for your own preparations would be unwise.  2014 is a year in which anything can happen.

Make ready, hope for the best but prepare for the worst.  Your preparations can only do you good.  Spend your money wisely on items that both help you to prepare and contribute to your self-sufficiency including everyday items as well as long term food storage.  Make sure you have the tools, supplies and skills that will allow you to take care of your own needs as well as help others.

Make your home a secure place by reinforcing the doors and windows.  You can visit my post to learn about what I have done to my home.  http://www.preparedguy.com/2013/07/practical-home-security.html

Wherever you go take a get-home-bag with you in case you become stranded and have to make alternative plans to get back to your home.  Include items appropriate for the season and geography.

Plant a garden and practice growing your favorite foods.  Learn how to preserve and bottle/can what you don't immediately use.

Store various different types of fuels for cooking and heating such as wood, propane, charcoal and kerosene.

Electrical power is a very nice luxury when you don't have it for an extended period of time.  Store the batteries you need and buy or build a renewable power source of your own.  A renewable solar, wind and battery power system for your home     http://www.preparedguy.com/2013/06/build-your-own-power-station.html

Keep some cash on hand and not just in the bank.  The reliability and security of our power grid is a concern.  This includes the small possibility of a solar flare that could wipe out our electronics which necessitates having some cash in your pocket.  I personally recommend having real money on hand in addition to a few dollars.  Silver and gold have proven themselves a safe place to secure your wealth and would be essential in a collapse.  My personal choice is silver coins and silver rounds.  They are easier to own for most of us and would be a much easier medium to barter with if it came down to that.  Most economists that I follow say that silver has bottomed out and can only go up from here.

Don't waste your time and money on things that don't help you to become more prepared.  Do whatever you can, sell whatever you don't 'need' and get your food and water storage first. Do it as soon as you possibly can.  Do not procrastinate any longer.

Buy a shotgun.  No, don't get a double barrel shotgun and definitely don't fire off two blasts to scare off intruders.  Buy a 12 gauge pump shotgun and a case of 00 (double ought) buck shot to defend your home.  This is the most economical and effective way to defend your property.  You can read more about my firearms recommendations here:  http://www.preparedguy.com/2013/06/preppers-firearm-recommendations-pt-1.html , http://www.preparedguy.com/2013/06/firearms-recommendations-pt2.html ,http://www.preparedguy.com/2013/06/firearms-recommendations-pt-3.html ,  http://www.preparedguy.com/2013/06/preppers-firearms-recommendation-pt-4.html .  Get some training and learn how to use it safely.

Watch alternative media sources to keep an eye on current events around the world and see what it being said in addition to what the main stream media is reporting.  


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