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Saturday, September 28, 2013

There's still time

I have seen numerous posts and YouTube videos and have spoken with individuals who believe that either "There isn't much time left." or "We are out of time!".  Some of the more, what I consider, radical conspiracy theorists believe that by October 2013 it's all over.  This is in reference to being prepared before the SHTF.  Your interpretation of what SHTF means may be different than mine.  The dollar collapsing, WWIII, terrorists attacks, pandemics, EMP , nuclear war and an array of other possibilities are all on my list as I am sure, since you are reading this post, they are on yours.  So many things to prepare for and so little time.  It is true that the world we have created is extremely vulnerable.  Most if not all of the elements are already in place for 'the end' to come.  

Like many people I believe that these events could and someday will come to pass.  If you are a Christian then you believe what is written in the Bible as well as what has been said or prophesied by religious leaders throughout history that pertain to the second coming.  I believe that we do live in the 'last days' of the earth and that Jesus Christ will come again very soon.  I look forward to that event with great anticipation and I am determined to survive the coming difficulties so that I and my family can be a part of that great event.  

That being said I personally believe that we still have some time left to prepare.  Don't use this statement as an excuse to procrastinate any longer because there will soon come a time when it will no longer be possible to prepare.  My advice to you is to use every day to do something that will better prepare your family.  There are many skeptics out there that are in denial and believe that nothing bad could ever happen to us.  The history of the world proves otherwise.  Some of these 'unbelievers' are in my own family and I struggle to know how to best communicate this urgency with them.  Even thought I believe that we still have some time left there should still be an urgency in your preparations.  Every hour of every day is precious to me, that is why I am taking the time to let you know how I feel.

Despite of what is happening right now to us politically we still, and always will, live in a blessed land.  The blessings associated with living in this land, that was established by men of God, (I am talking about our founding fathers) extend only to those who are 'righteous', living the laws of God and not just the laws of the land.  There is no better place to live if you do what is right before God and there is no worse place to be if you do not.

First things first; get your food and water storage in order.  You should have a 3 months supply of food on your pantry shelves that you rotate and use daily.  You should have at least two weeks worth of water in storage which you change out annually.  In addition to this water storage you should have a plan on how to obtain and purify or filter water for an extended period of time.  After you have these basics you need to look toward longer term food storage.  This food storage should include both the dehydrated and/or freeze dried meals as something that can be easily and quickly prepared and should also include the basic needs to sustain life such as wheat, rice, oats and legumes in bulk containers including 5 gallon pails and #10 cans.  Aim for a one years supply for every member of your family.  In addition to food storage you should also have a good supply of the items that you use daily especially relating to sanitation and health.  Think of the items you use daily and then buy a few extra of them each time you go to the store.

While you are working on your food storage you should also consider many of the other topics that I have already posted, and will continue to post, to this blog; all of which are not only related to daily preparedness but also apply perfectly to emergency preparedness.

There is still time.  How much time I don't believe that anyone knows exactly.  Anyone that throws a date out there or refers to any time period is only speculating.  Keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground and do something everyday that will help you become more prepared even if that something is getting yourself more educated and more aware.        


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