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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Important Prepper Skills

Here is a basic list of skills that will be important to have in an emergency situation.  Take some time every day to learn and practice these skills.  I believe that you'll find that they will come in useful in your everyday life as well, and not just during a crisis.

When physical resources are scarce the knowledge and skills that you have acquired will become invaluable and highly sought after.

1.  Starting a fire.  And I'm not just talking about starting a fire with matches or a lighter.  You should be prepared to use multiple methods including friction and firesteel/striker methods.  An important part of this is knowing how to find tinder and make a tinder bundle.
2.  First Aid.  Treating wounds and infections.  You may not always have a full jump kit with you during an emergency.  You should know what common 'household' items can be used to treat infections and bandage wounds.  Infections can become serious very quickly which can incapacitate and keep you out of the fight.
3.  Self Defense.  Fending off an attack.  Learning to become proficient with firearms and other self defense tactics and skills such as martial arts is an important part of your duties not just as a prepper but as anyone who has stewardship of others.
4.  Firearms.  Marksmanship.  Not only does this apply to self defense but it is also important to be able to teach others.  Being familiar with firearms and being a good shot also means that you'll be able to hunt if needed in a survival situation.
5.  Running and Sprinting.  In an emergency situation you may need to evacuate an area quickly.  Being able to sprint a short distance or even run a few miles to avoid a dangerous situation is a very important and possibly overlooked skill.
6.  Swimming.  It is possible that you may find yourself in a situation where being able to tread water or swim a short distance to safety is critical.
7.  Pull Ups and Push Ups.  Keeping your upper body strong, and your whole body in good shape, will not only allow you to be more helpful in an emergency but it may also help to keep you from becoming injured and being one in need of rescue.
8.  Balance.  An absolutely essential skill for many reasons.
9.  Finding your way.  Orienteering.  Knowing how to use a map and compass is vitally important when you are in the wilderness.  In an urban setting you should always know which way leads to safety.  If where you live, or where you find yourself, is void of landmarks which will help you to keep your bearings you should have the means for you to stay oriented.
10.  Handling a knife.  Yes, there are right and wrong ways to use a knife.  Having the right knife for the job is important too.
11.  Finding food.  Hunting.  Fishing.  Trapping. All take lots of knowledge and practice.  More than I could expound on here.
12.  Water sourcing and purification/filtration.  It takes experience to know where to look for water.  You should also take time to use the water filters and purification techniques you have decided to use so that you are already familiar with them when you need them most.
13.  Trade skills.  Mechanical, construction, maintenance, wood working, etc.  You should have various skills that you can use to barter with.  
14.  Rope skills, knots and rigging.  Do you know how to tie a bowline knot?  Do you know how to improvise a harness from rope or webbing?  Are you confident enough in your skills to rig a rope in order to rappel off a building or cliff well enough that you are not endangering your life?
15.  Situational awareness.  Be continually aware of your surroundings, potential dangers and escape routes wherever you are.
16.  Gardening.  It takes several seasons of preparing your garden and soils to get the knowledge and experience to produce good crops consistently.  You had better get started.
17.  Scrounging. You have to know where to look and what to look for.
18.  Be debt free.  A very important prep!
19.  Building/improvising a shelter.  One of the basic survival skills that you must have!
20.  Do with less now.  Put these skills into practice in your everyday life.

Practice these basics and then deepen your preparation.


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