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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Empty Trunks

People.  Could you please tell me why I see so many of the trunks of your cars and the backs of your SUV's and minivans completely empty?  Except for maybe a stroller and other paraphernalia?

No, I do not make it a habit to inspect vehicles randomly but I do take the opportunity while I am at the grocery store or in a parking lot, for whatever reason, to notice what people keep in their trunks.

Why do I bring this up you may ask yourself?  Well the answers should be obvious.  Because i'm The Prepared Guy.  If you don't have ANYTHING in the trunk of your car how can you be prepared for anything?  If there is a natural disaster, emergency or other crisis while you are away from your home what will you do?  What if the option to return home quickly is not actually an option?

Well, as you may, or may now know, my motto is to be prepared always and all ways.  Here is what I keep in the back of my SUV... for your consideration.

1.  Jump Kit (EMT First Aid Kit)
2.  Tow Straps, shackles, snatch block and tree strap (I also have a winch on my vehicle)
3.  Wool Blanket
4.  Bug-Home Bag (kinda like a bug-out bag)  Some of the stuff in my bug-home bag:
     a. Fire starting supplies
     b. Water filter
     c. First Aid Kit
     d. Flashlights and batteries
     e. Spare ammo
     f. Multi-tool
     g. Emergency Blanket
     h. Bandanna
     i. Gloves
     j. 100' of Paracord
     k. Energy Bars
     l. Notepad and pen
     m. Signal mirror
     n.  Fixed blade knife
     o.  Compass
     p.  TP
     q. And More...
5.  Tool Bag containing:
     a. Jumper Cables (used mostly to help other motorists)
     b. Folding Shovel
     c. Tire repair kit
     d. Folding Saw
     e. Small socket set
     f. Adjustable Wrench
     g. Screwdriver with interchangeable tips
     h. Mechanics Gloves
     i. Garbage Bags
6.  2 Liter Water Bottle or larger depending upon the season and the distance and location I am traveling.
7.  Empty 1 gallon gas can.
8.  CO2 tank and air hose.  (Works like an air compressor)
9.  Fire Extinguisher
10.  Inverter

Other items I carry in my rig are:
Emergency Cash
Energy bars
Spare glasses
Tire pressure gauge

If I had the need to abandon my vehicle I could carry what I needed with me which would help to ensure my comfort and survival as well as that of my passengers.  

I know that if most people need something they can easily stop by a store.  During an emergency or crisis that may not be an option.


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