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Friday, July 26, 2013

Build your own Colloidal/Ionic Silver Generator

Hopefully you have heard of colloidal silver and hopefully you are using it in some way around your home.  Colloidal silver is proven to kill bacteria and viruses on contact.  I am not going to elaborate about colloidal silver but I will share a few links with you where you can learn more.

There is a difference between Colloidal and Ionic silver.  Most silver seems to be marketed as Colloidal even when it is actually Ionic.  Both have their benefits and advantages, many of which are the same.  You can very easily make ionic silver in your home with some very inexpensive components.  

Being able to make your own ionic silver has lots of advantages.  Colloidal/Ionic silver can be fairly expensive.  You can make it yourself for a fraction of the cost.

There are plenty of instruction online that will show you how to build a version of one of these.  Here is how I did it:

I started with a glass mason jar.
Found some plastic lids online that fit a mason jar.
Drilled three holes and installed rubber gaskets in the lid.  Two for the silver rods and one for the bubbler hose.
Ordered two .9999 silver wire/rods online.  I drilled two small holes through a small wood block to keep them separated.
Found an old phone charger in my stash of old unused electronic components.  It seems to me that the ideal voltage for this is a DC output of around 4 volts.
I purchased some insulated alligator clips from Radio Shack and crimped them onto the phone charger cord after I cut off the end.
Purchased a cheap fish tank bubbler from PetCo.  This agitates the water for better distribution of the silver.
Distilled Water.  (I'll show you how to build a water distiller in a future post.)

Hook it up, plug in the bubbler and phone charger and let it run for about 4 hours, depending upon the voltage.

Shine a laser through the water to view the suspended particles.  As you are able to see the laser reflect off of more and more particles you can see that the process is working.  You will need a PPM meter to determine exactly what the concentration of silver ions are in your finished product.  Typically 10 ppm can be used internally and higher concentrations like 30 ppm should be only used externally.


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