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Monday, June 3, 2013

Where to start...


In the beginning start with the basics; begin simple and build from there.  These are the building blocks of any prepared home:

Spiritual and mental preparation:

These should be the very first aspects to be considered with the most importance and should be revisited regularly.  Much of this is also about having the right knowledge.
Spiritual preparation
Prepping mindset
Situational awareness
Personal and family protection
Community, nation and world condition awareness
Threats, conditions, possibilities, dangers, etc. 

Food Storage:

Start with the basics.  Wheat, flour, rice, oats, beans, milk, sugar, water.  You also need to consider ways to prepare these basic staples.  You’ll need a wheat grinder, yeast and other additives to make the food you prepare more pleasing to eat.   Consider getting brown sugar and honey to flavor your oats and wheat bread, lemon pepper, salt, and other seasonings to add savor to rice and other seasonings for your beans as you desire.  You then need to learn how to prepare this food and a means of baking bread.  If you have lost power you will be unable to bake bread or cook meals as you have traditionally done.  Buy a Dutch oven and a stockpile of briquettes.  A propane camping stove is also an excellent choice to prepare food.  The small propane cylinders that you can get at most any grocery or camping store will keep for decades and are a safe way to store fuel.  You can start stocking up on these little by little as they are inexpensive.   
The reason that I recommend these items to start with first is because they are inexpensive in bulk quantities.  Buy them in 5 gallon pails that are meant to last 20+ years.

Even before you purchase these basics I recommend first keeping your kitchen pantry stocked with everything that you eat each day.  When you go to the grocery store to buy a can of beans, buy a few extra.  Follow this philosophy for everything you regularly use and then rotate these supplies to ensure they don’t exceed their expiration date.  Keep them stocked up.  You should keep enough of these everyday foodstuffs on hand to last your family for at least one month.  Then continue to add more as you are able.  This should be your primary food storage.  When an emergency happens you won’t find yourself rushing to the store, fighting the crowds for the small chance at buying your basic needs.  This could be a potentially dangerous situation which you should avoid if possible.  Keeping your home stocked up ensures that you will be ready at a moment’s notice.

For your water storage needs there are many ways to store water that you should consider.   In our home we started storing water by filling empty two liter soda bottles.  This has taken us a long time to build up a good supply but at least it was a start.  You could consider the typical blue 55 gallon drums but you must also consider where they will be stored and how you will get the water in and out of them.  There are now many different companies that make many different sizes and shapes of tanks including ones that will fit through a standard width door.  Water should be stored out of direct sunlight and preferably in a cool place such as a basement.  Your water storage should be drained and refilled every year although two or more years can also be possible under the right circumstances. 

It is virtually impossible to store enough water for all of your family’s needs thus your emergency plans should include having various methods of water filtration and purification.  Start by getting a simple backpacking water filter pump.  You could also store water purification tablets.  Basic chlorine can also be used to purify water.  There are many different kinds of water filtration and purification methods available.  You should research these various different options and figure out what is best for your conditions, needs and budget.  

Your goal should not be just to survive an emergence but to thrive during those conditions.  To take it a step further your goal should be that you will eventually be prepared enough to help others during hard times.  This is where this preparedness plan outline is heading.

Obtain enough of these supplies for 3-6 months worth of this food storage and other supplies for your entire family, and possibly others that you care for such as elderly parents, married children, etc.  When it comes to survival you will need to look out primarily for yourself and your immediate family.  However, personally, I cannot allow my extended family to suffer when I have some means to help.  This will be one of the many decisions that you need to make prior to actually having to make that tough choice during a life or death situation.  Take these conditions into consideration when making your preparation plans.

Part of your initial preparations should be to help encourage your extended family and those dear to you to also start preparing if they haven’t already and support and encourage them if they have.  This is not only to their benefit but also to your advantage as it will help to keep your emergency supplies intact reserved for your own families needs.

 Also, as part of your initial preparations you should include flashlights and batteries.  Rechargeable batteries and different ways to charge them, including solar, would be an excellent option.  Don’t forget matches and multiple other ways to light your camping stove and charcoal briquettes for cooking and heating.   

Also consider different ways to stay in touch with the outside world such as a battery powered radio with weather channels.  HAM and other short wave and long wave radios will be an effective way to communicate as these radios are not tied to any outside system and while they can utilize repeater antennas can communicate directly radio to radio.

Keep some cash on hand.  To start do whatever you can, but you should aim to have enough cash on hand to get along for one month.  ATM’s, banks and other ways to get cash may not be available. 


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