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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Next Steps

The Next Steps

Your next step to prepare should be to expand your food storage and supplies.

Expand your food storage to include some of the freeze dried or dehydrated foods that are ready-made meals that require only adding water such as potato flakes, vegetables, pasta with meat sauce, vegetable soup and the like.  At times, during an emergency situation, you may not have the time or energy to prepare a more complex meal.  Grinding your wheat storage and baking bread will take time and effort while boiling water for a quick meal will be essential at times. 

Take a close look at the supplies your family uses regularly and start purchasing a few extra items each time you go to the store.  These items could include toothpaste, floss and toothbrushes, soaps/detergents, medications, toilet paper, candles and batteries, band-aids, antiseptic, etc.

If you are a healthcare professional such as a nurse it would be advantageous for you to stock up on supplies that you could use to employ your skills.  If you are a professional in another trade you should contemplate how your skills could benefit others in an emergency.  You can use these skills to barter with others whom need your skills.  If you don’t think that you have a skill that could be beneficial in an emergency then you should start to develop one.   Do you have hand tools that you are good with that you could use to barter with?  These tools could be a simple as a pick and shovel or an axe. 

Start to build a library of books and how-to resources at home.  A set of used encyclopedias would be an inexpensive and great place to start.

Expand your ammo stockpile and consider purchasing more firearms.  Just like any tool, firearms have their specific uses.  My recommendation for how much ammo you should store for each firearm is: you can never have too much ammo.   That being said I do think that there is a minimum amount you should have of each caliber of firearm that you own. 

Over the next few days I will share my list of firearms that everyone whom considers themselves to be a 'prepper' or desires to be adequately prepared should own.   


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